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Animated Sitcom Visual Arts - Essay Example

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Name of the of the Concerned Professor Visual Arts and Film Studies 6 October 2011 Animated Sitcom 1) There is no denying the fact that the animated sitcoms do afford to approach social values and norms in a more blatantly subversive and critical way…
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Animated Sitcom Visual Arts Essay
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"Animated Sitcom Visual Arts"

Download file to see previous pages It goes without saying that many a times, hiding behind the perceived intentions of creating fun, the animated sitcoms do comment on the politically sensitive issues like race, gender and age in a very thought provoking and unsettling manner. The animated sitcoms do mostly afford to challenge or disturb the social status quos, because the society mostly perceives them as being something created to be inherently funny and ridiculous. No wonder, if something is being perceived as being quintessentially funny and ridiculous, the nonconventional social comments and observations made by such a genre are more than often forgiven, because of being taken as something light and imaginary. It goes without saying that the animated sitcoms realized the complete extent of poetic license they carry over a period of time, through much trial and experimentation. If one analyzes the animated sitcoms in a historical context, one simply cannot fail observing the fact that the families found in the animated sitcoms have gradually graduated from being normal, to funny, to being outright subversive. The animation aspect of these sitcoms allows the artists to portray even the most socially horrifying and sensitive aspects of life in a way that appears and sounds less offensive to the viewers. Certainly, the controversy that the animated sitcoms are able to dilute and mitigate in their peculiar format is something that perhaps even the most popular of live action shows cannot get away with. However, the more serious connoisseurs of animated sitcoms do know that the comedy inherent in the animated sitcoms is definitely not mindless and flimsy. Actually it is in a way the projection of a visual social commentary which does have the capacity to give way to meaningful discussions and analysis. In fact it would be very relevant to say that in the contemporary societies there exists a space for creativity, which the society cannot allow being traversed by live action and other formats of entertainment, unless they carry around them a reputation for being abjectly comical and humorous. It is this creative space in the contemporary society which the animated sitcoms manage to wriggle through without any risk or danger, because they qualify the requisite of being perceived as being funny and comical. It is for this very reason that the animated sitcoms are allowed to challenge the most sacrosanct of social, political and economic ideologies and views. The viewers do not even expect or even allow the live action sitcoms to do so, because they believe that the events taking place in these sitcoms are accurate depictions of the real life situations. However, when it comes to animated sitcoms, anything is possible. No wonder, most of the writers associated with animated sitcoms are well aware of this immense potential of cartoon characters. That is why they choose animation to get their ideas across. 2) It goes without saying that the concept of cartoon president is indeed brilliant and very pragmatic to a great extent. Considering the current cultural and political state, the landscape is replete with many socio-political holy cows and taboos. The entire idea of political leadership ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Animated Sitcom Visual Arts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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