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Unconditional Love: Solution to Youth Problems - Essay Example

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Unconditional Love: Solution to Youth Problems Introduction The movie “Better Luck Tomorrow” is a representation of the anger and frustration that young people, particularly from Asian ethnic background, go through in an attempt to resolve the identity crisis by trying to ‘fit in,’ and make their identities in a foreign country…
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Unconditional Love: Solution to Youth Problems
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Download file to see previous pages Through the different characters and the development of the plot, the viewer realizes that the real problem of youth does not lie in the social or educational structure of society, but lies in the lack of love and rejection that they experience at the hands of their peers and parents. Hence, through the theme of ‘desire for acceptance,’ the movie gives a message that most of the negative and criminal behavior pattern that young people develop in their youth is the result of the rejection that they experience at the hands of their parents and peers and hence, accepting young people without putting any conditions on them is important for them to make healthy choices in life. Miseries of young people The movie has done an excellent job in thwarting the stereotypical belief that social and financial drawbacks are responsible for young people in getting attracted to dangerous and anti-social aspects of life. Initially, the viewer is introduced to Ben, who represents both, the good and the bad qualities of Asian youth. Ben is a brilliant student scoring straight ‘A’s in his studies, and is sincere and hard working. However, he finds that educational achievements are not enough to survive in the world, and to get attention or admiration from others. This is where the theme of the movie begins to take shape. ...
In fact, he joins the basketball team in an attempt to attract attention of his lab partner Stephnie. However, he realizes that this is not enough. Hence, to get the academic pressure off himself and to compensate the feeling of ‘not being enough,’ he gets involved with Daric, another Asian American overachiever, in creating and selling cheat-sheets for tests. However, with the entry of Daric’s character, the viewer realizes that lack of attention is not the actual cause of frustration in young people. Daric’s character is shown having everything that young people desire to have. He not only enjoys academic excellence but also is an achiever in sports, popular with girls, has respect from peers and is a president of different clubs. In spite of all these things, he still designs the plan of making cheat-sheets and selling them. Despite of knowing that it is crime to do so, Daric seems to enjoy the ‘rush’ that he gets by doing things that he is not supposed to do and “making his own rules”. Daric’s actions show that deep inside, he craves rebellion and tries to prove his superiority and power over the authority of the school. Hence, the initial belief which viewer develops after watching Ben, that desire for attention makes young people to get involved in anti-social behavior pattern, is thwarted. The viewer feels that it is desire for easy money that drives young people towards crimes. Ben and Daric, along with two other friends, involve in serious crimes like theft and drugs and start earning easy money. They begin to spend the easy money that they earn in hosting wild parties, indulging in drugs, going to Vegas and buying guns. However, with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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