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Ground Zero 360 Exhibit - Essay Example

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Your name Date Title I visited The Field Museum 1400 S. Lake Shore Drive Chicago, Illinois 60605. This has always been my favorite museum since I was a child. This project presented the opportunity to visit it again for the first time in a long time…
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Ground Zero 360 Exhibit
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Download file to see previous pages One of the most moving elements in the show are helmets and other forms of protective wear from fallen members of the New York City Police Department and Fire Department. There is a somber tone to this exhibit but plenty of light, celebrating the photography in a way that allows the viewer to clearly see and more importantly feel the emotion of the imagery linking you to the story in a way only true photojournalism can. Everything is done on a very large scale once again drawing the viewer in. It was nice to be able to admire the photographs from a distance rather than up close. The medium used for this artwork is color photography, specifically done in the style of photojournalism. The style of the artwork is very moving and powerful. The photographer has captured the moments with such precision that the events of the horrible attack on the World Trade Center can almost be relived. Representational, the images are filled with precision in their telling of the events that unfolded that September morning. One element that seems to recede in its softness that actually dominates the work is the smog from the blast. Covering more than half of the photograph it becomes more apparent when contrasted by the clear image of the one fireman on the left. This smog creates an atmospheric perspective that creates a somber and reflective mood. The immediate impression is one of the devastation that has occurred, accounting for the large amount of dense fog from the debris and explosion itself. Another visual element that dominates the image is the unplanned use of color. Striking in its simplicity, the blue of the fireman’s shirt is balanced on the right by the blue of the police car and the yellow fluorescent safety bands on the firemen’s coats all stand out amidst the fog and debris. The sharp use of perspective in the photograph is also striking. Seen from a narrow angle in the foreground, it recedes into a very narrow area of emptiness in the background. This close angle adds a lot of depth to the image while the foreshortening in the foreground of the fire fighters makes them still appear tall in stature. The composition overall is so stark yet compelling. While buildings and a police car line the sides, the rescue workers march powerfully through the center with an almost frighteningly cloaked background. The message portrayed by the artist is one of fear and devastation. With beautiful accuracy we see the firefighters coming forth amidst the debris. The emptiness of the street expresses the emergency of the situation, as does the police car. This piece functions as a testament to the dangers in our world today brought on by multifaceted views and conflicting opinions about how the world should be. The firefighters themselves, part of the rescue team in every harrowing situation like this are a key element of the meaning and function in society of this photograph. The artwork I chose to compare is Eddie Adams photojournalistic work Saigon Execution. The horror of the events and the tension in the two photographs are what I at first find similar. Characteristic of photojournalism, portraying such intense and often dangerous events are seen in both of these pieces with a haunting air of devastation. Another way the two are similar is the angle of the street in the images. Although they are at opposite angles, the narrowness and the way the streets are lined on both sides, one by buildings, another by other elements of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ground Zero 360 Exhibit Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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