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Comparing Two Works of Sculpture and Exploring how Their Styles Create Different Kinds of Meaning - Essay Example

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The two sculptures on the University of Texas Campus known as The Littlefield Fountain and The Family Group are very different in many ways, yet have similar intentions. Both seek to express some traditional American value, and inspire an appreciation of that value in the viewer…
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Comparing Two Works of Sculpture and Exploring how Their Styles Create Different Kinds of Meaning
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Download file to see previous pages In the end, both are effective and significant for their sites, their composition, their figure styles, and the symbolism they embody. The site of the Littlefield Fountain is very inviting and essentially forms not just a sculpture, but a landmark. The sculpture itself is not readily recognizable from a distance, as one first notices the fountain and its water surrounding the sculpture before really seeing the focus at the center of it all. The sculpture and its surroundings seem to be the focal point of the south mall entrance on the University of Texas campus, and thus as your approach the general area your attention is drawn first to the pathway leading to the south mall, then to the fountain it intersects with unavoidably. Upon, arrival, the sculpture dominates the scene, and is easily viewed by anyone who comes to sit beside the fountain—however, it is not an open site in that visitors are expected to walk among the figures and see them face to face. The location itself offers a place for students and others to meet and gather, being by nature a landmark, but also is for viewing by passersby who are find their way to the south mall, although the sculpture is not visible from its rear. Again, it serves as a landmark, as one can steer himself in the right direction by seeking out the Littlefield Fountain. ...
It is the centerpiece of the small plaza, serving as a quaint piece of artwork that adds some sophistication to the locale, but does not intend to dominate the area nor awe those who pass by. Visitors may be either entering or exiting the building as they go by, or perhaps taking a break between classes and sitting in the plaza. The sculpture is visible from all angles, but the ideal viewpoint is coming up the steps as you enter, where you may look at the faces of all three figures; other angles do not invite the same contemplation and involvement. The area around the statue is designed in a way that people will spend time sitting still around the statue, and thus its serves as the source of some peaceful atmosphere in the plaza. The Littlefield Fountain is intended to be much more powerful, impressive, and unmistakable than The Family Group, as it is conjoined with a fountain and serves as a landmark for the entire campus. The open surrounds suggest that it is situated in a place of motion, unlike The Family Group’s place of calm and rest. The angle of the fountain also serves to welcome people as they approach the south mall, perhaps in the same way that The Family Group welcomes people as they enter the building, but the former is only view on approach while the latter is visible no matter where one is in the vicinity. Overall, the Littlefield Fountain is meant to direct people’s attention toward it and be the landmark associated with an entire area, while The Family Group serves as a subtle centerpiece to a more isolated area, created a less “in your face” impression. The composition of the Littlefield Fountain emphasizes a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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