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Film Making - Essay Example

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THE WAVE WHICH REDEFINED THE NOTION OF FILM MAKING The French New Wave which was initiated in the 1950s and 1960s exemplifies one of the most crucial & innovative moments in the history of global film noir. A cluster of dynamic, young French film critics turned filmmakers (most notably Francois Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard, Jacques Rivette, Agnes Varda, Eric Rohmer, and Claude Chabrol) conceived to over throw the rule books and create films as per their own artistic ways (Marie & newpert, 2003, pp.1-7)…
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Film Making
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Download file to see previous pages The popularity of the movement spread across the continent to discover the most unlikely host in the United States of America (Marie & Newpert, 2003, pp.1-7). The movement found ample support from the Czech Republic as well. This incredible film movement broke the barriers created by main stream commercial movies as well as transformed the darkish orthodox believes which had been carried over through the dark ages of feudalism, medievalism, & ecclesiasticism. Paris was perhaps the darkest city during the history of the Second World War. The German censorship on films & theatres meant that the French citizens could not get a taste of global cinema in any form what so ever. Barring a few exceptional directors like Jean Renoir & Rene Clair, the French audience had to quench their artistic aspirations by witnessing below par domestic films. For the younger generation of people like Eric Rohmer & Alain Resnais, this dearth in film shipment equaled to a hover cast of brutal fascist ideology. This taboo & restriction later turned out to be the source of inspiration for the new wave film makers. To this younger age band born around 1925-30, which would later consist of most of the directors of the new wave, films happened to be the centre of their universe & a sanctuary secluded from the ruthless realities of the outer world. (Marie & Newpert, 2003, pp.7-15) The end of the war & the liberation of France brought along an enormous desire for self expression, open interaction, & cooperation. Discussion of films became a part of the regular discourse. Film journals like the L’Ecran Francais, became an epicenter for great authors like Andre Bazin to familiarize their viewpoints & convey their unbridled panache for films. Bazin approached films as a true form of art, which deserved extensive scrutiny. His viewpoints often put him at loggerheads with the leftist writers who were hell bent on solely evaluating the political standpoints of a film (Marie & Newpert, 2003, pp.10-17). The pioneers, who vividly read film journals, now began to set up film clubs all over the French territory. Future stalwarts like Claude Chabrol, & Alain Resnais were precisely benefitted from these little film clubs. By witnessing hundreds of films they came face to face with art of film making. Eric Rohmer was another avid audience of the film clubs. He invited Rivette & Godard to join him & the trio began to write articles, journals, & discourses on world cinema. The most important film journal came out in 1951, & was named La Cahiers du Cinema, which was published by Andre Bazin & Jacques Doniol- Valcroze. Bazin was nothing less than a father figure to the young crop of film enthusiasts (Ostrowska, 2008, pp.126-138). Henri Langlois deeply believed that watching silent films was the best way to intermingle with the art of cinema. As an end result, the new wave directors had great faith in film makers like Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and D.W. Griffith & Erich von Stroheim (Ostrowska, 2008, pp.126-138). The Italian neo realistic movement also had a huge impact upon the outcome of the new wave movement. The young French aspirants were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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