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The Beginning, Middle and End of Spider-Man - Term Paper Example

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Name Professor Course: Visual Arts and Film Studies Date Spider-Man I. Three Events: The Beginning, Middle and End of Spider-Man In the story of Spider-Man there are distinct events that marked the beginning, the middle and the end of the character. The part where Peter Parker got bitten by the spider that had been the product of recombinant DNA mutation marks the beginning of Spider-Man…
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The Beginning, Middle and End of Spider-Man
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Extract of sample "The Beginning, Middle and End of Spider-Man"

Download file to see previous pages The event that marked the middle of the story of Spider-Man is the part where he considered himself capable of fighting crimes which had been triggered by the accidental death of his Uncle Ben. At that instant he suddenly matured and he realized his need to embody the capabilities given to him through his alter ego – Spider-Man. Lastly, the end of Spider-Man did not happen when super villains developed because it is a continuing story, which included Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus. Even Harry had been shown in the light of being potential villain. The end of Spider-Man happened when he accepted the fact that he can never be with M.J., and he quoted “with great power comes great responsibility.” The events happened the way they did to express the development of both Spider-Man and Peter Parker’s characters. Spider-Man is the more matured and decisive character while Peter Parker is the indecisive, less matured part of the protagonist. Through the story though, both characters developed to the point of being matured enough to give up his own happiness for the sake of helping people. II. Peter Parker’s Goals As a teenager, the only goal Peter Parker has is to blend in and ultimately express his feelings to M.J. He had numerous obstacles along the way, both internal and external. External obstacles include his nerdy character and being bullied in school. Another is the situation at M.J.’s home which were family related that caused her aloof and sad characteristics. After acquiring his powers, internal hindrances though became more powerful. Being Spider-Man, although he became more confident, his responsibilities in the use of his powers prevented him from achieving his goals. III. Peter Parker’s Goals and Personality There are different events in Peter Parker’s life that defined his goals and personality. One of them was shown in the dialogue with Uncle Ben during the night before he died. Peter said: “I wish there was some way I could help you and Aunt May the way you helped me. Maybe get a job, pay some of the bills while you're laid off. Aunt May's medicine isn't exactly free, I mean, how are we..” This showed hid goal of helping his loved ones. These lines expressed his care and sensitivity to the situations of other people. Another event showed his respect for people specifically his friend Harry. When he saved M.J. she wanted to thank him and “she stretches up, on her tiptoes, and leans in close to him. She kisses him, open-mouthed, brushing her lips along the outside of his mask. He nearly swoons, leans in for more…” but “then pulls back. This is his best friend's girl!” Regardless of the fact that he is deeply in love with the girl, he chose to respect his friendship with Harry. The third evidence is his choice to keep his secret and his feelings from M.J. He knows that “with great power comes great responsibility.” Due to his love for M.J. he did not tell her his identity because it will endanger her life, although he knows that by telling her that he is Spider-Man, the man she loves, he would finally have the chance to be with her. IV. Role of the Supporting Characters The different supporting characters helped define Peter’s personality. Mary Jane is the ultimate catalyst of Peter Parker’s persona. Through the challenges that he faced in trying to impress, to save, to love and to keep M.J. safe, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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