What was the purpose and meaning behind Olive's actions in the Little Miss Sunshine - Movie Review Example

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Olive is a very caring little child who is inquisitive in her manner so that she gets to learn a lot of things. In the start, when she first meets Frank on the dining table, she can not help asking Frank what happened to him. …
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What was the purpose and meaning behind Olives actions in the movie Little Miss Sunshine
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"What was the purpose and meaning behind Olive's actions in the Little Miss Sunshine"

Olive is a very caring little child who is inquisitive in her manner so that she gets to learn a lot of things. In the start, when she first meets Frank on the dining table, she can not help asking Frank what happened to him. Although Richard continuously interrupts her conversation with Frank, yet Olive would not stop unless she has reached the root-cause of the problem. She is too small and innocent to understand why Frank would love a boy. Her innocence reflects in her sweet little questions that keep popping up from time to time. Olive’s affection and consideration for her family can be estimated from the fact that she offers everyone her little cup of ice cream in the round booth. She says, “Does anyone want my ice cream?” (Dayton and Faris) and everybody except Richard tugs in unless she has to make them realize that she will be left with nothing if they don’t just stop. Olive chooses to sleep with her grandpa at the motel just to have a chance to rehearse the dance. Olive is very conscious about her success and wants it badly. She wants to succeed so badly that she becomes nervous and asks her grandpa if she would succeed. Here again, Olive does not want to lose because her dad does not like losers. In the most tense moments, she cares about the sentiments not her own, but of her dad. She shares a unique bond with her grandpa. He is not only her dance tutor, but also her counselor. Read More
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The topic of "What was the purpose and meaning behind Olive's actions in the movie "Little Miss Sunshine"." is quite often seen among the assignments in high school. Still, this paper opens a fresh perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the style for my own sample.
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