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Goldman Sachs - Management Analysis Table of Contents Introduction 3 Managerial Decision Making At Goldman Sachs 4 Organisational Structure 4 Company Management Strategy In Relation To Mintzberg, Fayol and Mayo’s 5 Recommendations and Conclusion 9 References 10 Introduction Goldman Sachs Group, Inc is an American based financial holding and bank holding company…
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Goldman Sachs - Management Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages It has been noted from the annual report of the company that the main focus of the company has been at four key areas. The four key areas have been the creation of the jobs as well as the overall growth of the economy, building up of the economy as well as stabilising them, enhancing the opportunities of education and thus glorification of the services as well as expertise. The main aim of the paper has been to analyse the company’s decision making with the help of the management theories. Among the several management theories such as the Taylor’s Rational Goal Theory, Fayol's and Mintzberg's Internal Systems Theory, Mayo’s Human Relation Theory and Porter’s Strategic & Peters’ Cultural Theory; the research paper will make use of the two theories such as Mayo’s Human Relation and Fayol and Mintzberg’s theory. The rationale behind choosing Goldman Sachs for the purpose of the study is that during the period of Lloyd Blankfein, CEO and Chairman of the company, it was accused of fraud by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) in the year 2010. It can thus be identified that the performance of the company during this period has been comparatively inferior. Therefore, through this report, it will be aimed at understanding the kind of decision that the management followed that led to such a huge turmoil. The report will try to comprehend the reasons of failure during the rein of Lloyd Blankfein. The analysis will be conducted using the various theories that have been identified and finally recommendations will be provided with regards to how the management can improve its managerial decision making capabilities. Managerial Decision Making At Goldman Sachs The main business of the Goldman Sachs has been to invest the money belonging to the large organisations as well as the wealthy individuals. It has further been identified that the firm tends to put its own funds as well at risk. Organisational Structure Lloyd Blankfein has been the Chairman and CEO of the company since the year 2006. Lloyd Blankfein by nature has been quite affable and smart. His five years tenure in Goldman Sachs can be classified into three different groups. He experienced unstable growth till early 2008. Furthermore, the financial crisis that took place because of the breakdown of the Lehman Brothers was also evident during his ruling period. The bank, further expected to recover in the year 2009, despite various regulations that was formed after the post-crisis and the fall in their reputations. The other person who has been working with the company under Mr. Lloyd Blankfein is David Viniar who has been the Chief Financial Officer and has served the company for more than ten years. Mr. E. Gerald Corrigan has been the Co-chair of the Risk as well as Global Compliance and Controls Committee. Mr. Henry Paulson was the Chief Executive of the Goldman Sachs prior to Lloyd Blankfein (Steinert-Threlkerd, 2009). Alan Cohen has been the Compliance Officer at Goldman Sachs, John Rogers has been the Secretary and Gary Cohn is the President as well as the COO (The Official Board, 2011). It has been evident that the company has outperformed in its operations in most of the areas. It has been positioned among the best three underwriters. It is because of the consistent and best performance along with the commitment of the top management towards the municipal business as well as the public sector. The company also has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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