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In the research paper “Old Major Movie” the author analyzes the film Old Major, where the main character begins to speak about a dream he recently had. In his dream he imagines an environment where there are no humans around to control and oppress them.  …
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Old Major Movie
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Old Major Movie
At the beginning of the film Old Major, an esteemed pig, gathers a group of talking animals together for an important meeting. Old Major begins to speak about a dream he recently had. In his dream he imagines an environment where there are no humans around to control and oppress them. He tells all the animals that they must attempt to achieve this reality; then all the animals break into song about rebellion. Soon after, Old Major dies. Still, the animals were very receptive to his idea. Three younger pig, named Squealer, Snowball, and Napoleon, form his ideas into a sort of manifesto.
Soon later the animals put their plan into effect. This means that they defeat the owner of the farm and take over the land for the animals. The animals then rename the farm animal farm and begin to explore their new existence, with one animals developing the slogan ‘I will work harder’. At first the animal farm is highly effective and there is limited in-fighting among the animals. The original pigs educate new animals about the ways of Animalism, or animal dominance much like Old Major had envisioned. At one point the farmer returns to attempt to reclaim the land and the group of animals defeats him. They name this confrontation the Battle of Cowshed. During this time of the film the pigs begin to argue amongst themselves and the viewer begins to detect that the animal rule is experiencing a number of challenges that may lead to its demise. They develop ideas, like an electrically generated windmill, but one of the pigs objects to the idea. Napoleon uses the dogs that were trained earlier in the movie to chase Snowball from the farm and assume control for himself and declares that the pigs will be the ones making the decisions for all the animals.
As Napoleon assumes control he decides to complete the windmill project. After working on the project the animals discover that one day it is toppled. They are not sure what happened to the windmill, but they play Snowball. As a response they set about undertaking a purge of the animals in the farm that may be opposed to their rule. Napoleon has his attack dogs kill these animals that may be contrary to his supreme rule. During this period Napoleon begins to re-write history and also begins to act more and more like a human. This involves sleeping in bed and drinking liquor. Even thought Old Major’s original concept of animal rule strictly went against these actions, Napoleon has bent these rules to fit his own concept of power and rulership. Soon Napoleon finds himself at battle with a neighboring farmer who has destroyed his windmill and invaded the farm. While the animals ultimately win the battle Boxer is injured. It is later discovered that Napoleon sells boxer to a factory to gain money to purchase more whiskey. Towards the end of the film, years pass and the animals act more and more like humans. A single slogan emerges that states, “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” At the conclusion of the film Napoleon agrees to enter into an alliance with a human against the laboring classes of animals. Ultimately, the lines between animals and humans are blurred. Read More
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