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Banksy/Ukeles - Essay Example

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D’Youville College Discussion on the Works of Ukeles and Banksy Course (FA327 or FA389INT) Date Name Abstract This article takes the opportunity to discuss two site specific artists in detail in relation to Kwon’s discussion of site specificity and integration Vs intervention…
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Download file to see previous pages The integration of their work of art with the site of work, the effect of artists’ intervention into a specific location, and the results of their work of art are also discussed in detail in this article. Please choose 2 artists, covered this week, and discuss them in detail, in relation to Kwon’s discussion of site-specificity, and integration vs. intervention. In addition, how would you describe the work of these artists in terms of Roger Fry’s Essay on Aesthetics? Site specific practices lay emphasis on the presence of the physical condition of the location as an integral part of the reception of art (Kwon, 2004, p. 1). Also, in conventional terms, the physical inseparability between a work and its site of installation makes the site specific art unique. Unlike the viewing experience gained within the confinement of the walls of a museum, the site specific art provides an opportunity for the audience to decipher the institutional conventions and understand the ways in which institutions shape the meaning of the art to adapt its cultural and economic value (Kwon, 2004, p. 14). The two artists who have been chosen for the discussion here utilized the site of art intricately to raise questions on the social, economic and political arena and to challenge the prevailing system (Kwon, 2004, p. 3). For them the site of art is not merely a geographical location or an architectural setting. The artists made use of the sites to bring about a network of social relations (Kwon, 2004, p. 6). Their works exposed the cultural confinement within which the museum artists function. Firstly, I have chosen to analyse the works of Mierle Laderman Ukeles, in relation to Kwon’s discussion on site specificity and integration Vs intervention. Before starting her career as a maintenance artist, Ukeles was struggling to acquire the freedom of an artist due to her obligatory duties as a mother and a housewife. During that time, in which she was pregnant, she felt lot of changes physically and mentally within her and also saw changes happening around her in the social and political arena. New York based art critic Robert C. Morgan (2002) says in his article Touch Sanitation: Mierle Laderman Ukeles, ‘Ukeles wanted to reinterpret the conventional housewife stereotypes, not in imagistic terms, but through a systemic style of creative action’. Hence she announced her intentions through a manifesto and declared herself a maintenance artist. By becoming a maintenance artist she transformed the mundane activities of the household maintenance into works of creation. She further extended the references in her work to expose conditions of work, stereo types handed to maintenance workers at all levels, ecological situation, and institutional critique (Morgan, 2002). In one of her performances in 1973, Ukeles washed the floor of the Hartford art museum during routine operating hours. Through this performance she showed that the site of art could be deviated from the actual place of art. In the conception of a site, the physical condition of a specific location ceased to be the primary element in these ways (Kwon, 2004, p. 19). She wanted to prove that the tedious domestic tasks typically associated with women could be taken as a means for aesthetic contemplation. Also the performance helped people realize the unseen and the unrecognized ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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