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The architecture and beauty of Versailles highlighted the empowerment and royalty of the French ruling class, notably Louis XIV. For example, the Grand Apartments and The Hall of Mirrors brazenly showed the power and supremacy of the king. …
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Using Baroque to glorify and propagandize power
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The architecture and beauty of Versailles highlighted the empowerment and royalty of the French ruling notably Louis XIV. For example, the Grand Apartments and The Hall of Mirrors brazenly showed the power and supremacy of the king. Also, the design, care and construction of the chateaus and the gardens further illuminated the sovereignty of Louis XIV. The grand display of trees, groves and flowers boasted his power and wealth. The imagery of Apollo and the sun was also skillfully used to link the monarchy with the gods, soaking their rule in divinity and holiness. The use of the sun symbolized the emblem of Louis XIV and his rising empire, effectively portraying his dominance and rule. The Rubens' series of 21 Paintings, commissioned by Marie de'Medici, wife of Henry IV, depict and immortalize her life and marriage to the King. The paintings illustrate such things as her childhood, coronation, assassination of Henry and even her reconciliation with her son Louis XIII. The series portray her life in a poetic form making use of religious, classical, and symbolic themes in order to exalt the royal life. The rich, dark colors and images of immortal gods and goddesses surrounding the queen give her life a sense of immortality and existence beyond the realm of normal humans. For example, in the paining titled Education of the Princess we see the goddess of wisdom Athena and god of message and understanding, Hermes, gathered around Marie de'Medici. This makes her upbringing and her education seem divinely ordained, portraying her life as dramatically eloquent. Even controversial political issues were shown tactfully, displaying the royalty in a positive light. For example, in The Consignment of the Regency, Marie is shown standing under a grand Italian architecture, depicting the image of an orb. This symbolizes their right to power and the grandeur of their monarchy. Works Cited Chateau De Versailles. Retrieved from Stokstad, Marilyn and Michael W. Cothren. Art History, Fourth Edition. Laurence King Publishing Ltd. Pearson, 2011. Print. Read More
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