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This paper is a review targeted at analyzing the following statement: Titanic tells you a sacrificial love story in the backdrop of the disaster that happened to Titanic on its very first voyage. Directed by visionary James Cameron, ‘Beauty’ is one of the most elegant themes of the movie. …
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Titanic Film
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"Titanic Film"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that in the movie “Titanic” each scene, irrespective of the situation, you would be swept off your feet, seeing its beauty. A typical example of mere creation would be the scene which shows the ships logo. The movie opens with a sepia tone scene of the first voyage of the ship. Slowly as the camera covers the entire ship, it shows that Titanic is the most elegant, grandest and beautiful ship to be ever made on the face of the earth. It shows how majestically it floats in the mighty Atlantic Ocean, even the smoke churning out of the tall smoke towers on the top of the ship, and with the most soulful hymns, to add icing on the cake. She simply becomes the metaphor for Eden, sailing in the ocean of blue. Slowly we see the title, ‘TITANIC’, which appears over dark waters, which eventually speaks of her story, in the same way as Eden, as she will also fall into the darkness of the water. ‘I’m flying’. This happens to be the most beautiful and memorable scene in this movie. Who could ever forget the scene when Jack and Rose stand on the frontest tip of the mighty ship and opens their arms wide, and feel like they are flying. Everything was perfect in this scene, the sun setting, the beautiful hymns of ‘Every Night In My Dreams’, Rose’s clothes and hair symbolizing her freedom, which she is beginning to move into, and the words that she says, “I Trust You”, to Jack. These aspects make it one of the most beautiful romantic scenes in the history of Hollywood. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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