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This essay "High Renaissance and Baroque Period Art" describes the peculiarities of art of the mentioned periods. Admittedly, the High Renaissance was a period of wealthy patronage. Artists were part of the court who were employed to paint portraits of nobles and royalty. …
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High Renaissance and Baroque Period Art
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Download file to see previous pages Ugolino Martelli. 1535 has a background with a balcony and two other windows. The interesting point is the fact that he used the same points to draw pillars and what looks like a balcony in Portrait of Bartolomeo Panciatichi. 1540. The material used in this painting was tempera on wood which was a mixture of pigment with egg yolk.
In these three paintings, other parallels can be drawn. They are all holding books. The two young boys have marble skin and exquisite black clothes showing the richness of their families. Third-dimensional background for three other paintings. Their eyes are not looking in the same direction.
This artist was chosen of the Italian Renaissance as a portrait artist who could not paint exact likeness because he had to flatter his subjects. (Haughton 233) The next period in art history, the Spanish Baroque period allowed its artists to paint more realistically. Two portraits have been chosen and one large painting
Diego Velasquez, Portrait of Juan de Pareja, 1650 has far more freedom than Bronzino in his work. He was the court's principal painter and considered a diplomat as he traveled for the king. This painting was chosen to compare first to the Portrait of the Young Man. When Velasquez was in Rome to paint the Pope Innocent X, he wanted to practice, he did a life portrait from his assistant, slave, mulatto painter Juan de Pareja." (Rousseau 1) There is such realism in his facial expression, the sweat on his face, the hole in his painter's smock, the beard, the bushy hair. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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