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Hugos Portinari Altarpiece - Essay Example

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In 1475, Hugo Van Der Goes painted the famous Portinari Altarpiece. This altarpiece was the representation of the nativity of Jesus Christ. The said painting was commissioned by a banker named Tomasso Portinari in Florence, Italy. …
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Hugos Portinari Altarpiece
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Download file to see previous pages Evidently, the noble art piece symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ. It predominantly showcases the coming of the blessed child and the sanctity of all the hardships experienced by Mary and Joseph in bringing the safe delivery of the innocent child. The relief after the enormous rejections and judgments came into great exaltations as everyone joyously stares at the young infant Jesus. Thus, the miraculous celebration doesn’t came to existence to them alone but a greater power helped them along the way through the guidance of God, the most high. On the other hand, this particular altarpiece upholds hidden symbolism and meaning within it, one that you cannot tell at a glance. Tomasso and his family transpired the characters of the nativity. Not only that, but different saints also appeared in this piece. Indeed, this piece shed some egoistic slate on it. The art of looking at their selves gives the Portinari family a sense of self-appreciation and fulfillment. Thus, in a way narcissism bestowed self-admiration and chronic show-off that somehow defies the real beauty of the art of nativity. Raising of the Cross by Peter Paul Rubens Peter Paul Rubens painted in 1609-10 the famous triptych painting called “The raising of the Cross”. Obviously, the painting was influenced by the art of Michelangelo wherein you can recognize the muscularity of the bodies which reflects great strength, power and might. Aside from what we can recognizably see in the painting with all pulling and lifting of the cross which showcases the mighty rage of the people to crucify Jesus, the painting also reflects deeper message within it. The pain and suffering that the crucifixion is giving to Jesus is the same pain and suffering that we people brought to him. We may be in sympathy with Him but who really did these to Him? Who nailed Him? The answer is us. We did this to Him; all of our sins was lifted in the shoulders of Jesus. He paid for our sins in order for Him to save us from the painful suffering. We can simply put this in the verse, “For God so love the world that he gave his one and only begotten son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16. Caravaggism Italian painter Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio has been popular due to his techniques of tenebrism and chiaroscuro which has been adopted by artists who wanted to follow his footsteps. “Chiaroscuro is a method of shading which is used to give figures a sense of three-dimensional volume. Tenebrism is where an artist keeps some areas of a painting totally black, allowing one or two areas to be strongly illuminated by comparison. Tenebrism thus allows the artist to control the 'action' in his canvas” (Caravaggism, n.d.). One of the artists who adopted this is Diego Rodriguez de Silva Velasquez. He was inspired and learned the potentialities of working in a limited palette, black and neutrals which has also been seen in his works which are harmonies of grays and black but not compromising its quality and the famous edge of his works wherein he can give life to his paintings as if they where breathing and moving in action. His great skill in mixing color, light, space, lines and mass liven up every piece that he makes just like the technique that Caravaggio does in his works. Versailles for Louis XIV In 1682, when Louis XIV relocated the court and government permanently to Versailles, the place became the unofficial capital of the kingdom of France. The palace is now filled with splendid royalty and delight as art and nature has harmoniously emerged together and brought about excellence and vigor into the city. Aside from this is the overshadowing face of power and might as the great Louis XIV brought authority and greatness as it moved the central of power away ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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