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What is art Purposes of art - Essay Example

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Everyone understands what art is, yet there is hardly anyone, who can clearly define what art really is, because art is very practical, yet divine. It adds depth to our lives; it helps us to communicate emotions, feelings and thoughts…
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What is art Purposes of art
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What is art Purposes of art

Download file to see previous pages... Everyone understands what art is, yet there is hardly anyone, who can clearly define what art really is, because art is very practical, yet divine. It adds depth to our lives; it helps us to communicate emotions, feelings and thoughts. Art can be found everywhere around us, yet it has to come from within. Art is so common that at times it takes an effort to see it, yet it is also so rare and unique that, once you experience it, it lifts up the spirit and improves our lives. There is only one thing that is clear and sure about art – it always has a purpose. All of us are creative – each in his own unique way, and each of us pursue his creativity to a different extend. 3.Does art have to be visual and tangible? Explain There are different kinds of arts; some of the kinds are “visual arts”. Those are painting, sculpture, an architecture, film and photography etc. There are also other kinds of art, such as music, which is not visual by any means, and it cannot be felt in any physical way, it is not tangible. Yet, just like a masterpiece of “visual” artwork has an effect on our senses, the same way music touches our hearts and oftentimes penetrates our senses. And the greatest effect on us has a combination of different kinds of art, like combination of visual art and music gives us theater and films. 4.For the sake of argument let’s say that the art world consists broadly of artists, art critics, museums, galleries, art dealers, art historians, art educators, art students and those who enjoy and appreciate art. Consider art as those things specifically intended to be art. Do you think that you are greatly separated from the art world? Explain. If art would only be something that we can experience in special places, such as museums and galleries; if the one could enter the world of art only with the people who gathered specifically to discuss art, or to admire it, then many people would be greatly separated from the art world. Fortunately, art is such an integral part of our lives that we can experience it every day. 5.Name 3 purposes of art and give an example of each. To communicate information – viewing works of great masters, we can learn historical details about people’s lives, events, etc. It can even simply tell us about emotions artist experiences; and much more. Social and political purposes – art can be a powerful way to convey a message, draw attention to problem and even to offer solutions. Spiritual purposes: architecture, literature, paintings and other arts are used to bare religious, spiritual, devotional messages. 6.What are some of the ideas art can communicate? How do you see these ideas communicated in your everyday life? Art can bring to attention wide spectrum of ideas, such a discrimination, patriotism, care for elderly, or even integrity and honesty, need for education and so much more. Mostly, in everyday life ideas are communicated through visual arts, such as television, photography, as well as music. 7. What structures or works of art are for spiritual sustenance? Are there any such structures in your community? There are various works of art that are used for spiritual sustenance, such as church buildings, sanctuaries, paintings, etc. Most communities have at least one building for worshiping, which is either a work of art in itself, or it is decorated with different artworks. 8. Briefly describe the subject matter in the art of Romare Bearden. There are many subjects Bearden addressed in his art – places he lived and worked in, landscapes, religious matter, jazz music and many more. Yet the subject matter that became his primary for 25 years is life of Afro Americans. 9. What does his art reveal about the time and place in which he (Bearden) lived? Bearden’s art reflects main concerns of the society of that time. It is easy to see that the world is really contrasting place, and at times the emotions artist expresses about it are very mixed and complex. 10.What are three traits of creativity? Creativity is often intuitive, has a strong inner ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(What Is Art Purposes of Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
“What Is Art Purposes of Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/visual-arts-film-studies/1412920-what-is-art-purposes-of-art.
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