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This essay explores the aim of the ‘North Country’ to teach every woman to find her way to courage and independence in times when no other help is available and the resistance on every side increasingly prevents her to win a just favor which could represent others in a similar state of suffering…
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North Country Movie Review
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Reaction on the ‘North Country’ movie The film North Country strives in every manner to be compelling at providing evidence on how injustice toward the working class of women has suppressed the rights of the latter to abide by a normal and decent mode of living worthy of general respect. In the case of the protagonist, Josey Aimes, we can well perceive a woman’s struggle during seemingly unbearable excruciating times of inequality or lack of justice for the gender that eventually attains an inferior status at work. Hers is a situation that calls in desperation to acquire a saving act of grace in a society wickedly governed and dominated by male counterparts. Clearly, it is an issue no one in the right sound mind could afford being quiet about as it gravely insults dignity which every woman deserves to keep and be esteemed with. Women for most part have played a very significant role of rearing family at providing an atmosphere, moral support, and needs in aspects other than physical which are very crucial for modest living of every family member. A woman who is grieved by inhumane treatment would obviously be deprived of this capacity in reality so that as a consequence, she gets filled with anxiety and becomes unable to carry out functions intended to serve her community well. If this goes on, we may highly expect a worse impact upon the people within the woman’s direct influence especially the children once she is overcome by fear and mismanagement of tasks thereafter unless this woman expresses courage at reversing her fate so that, just like how Josey attempted to battle her way out of suppression in the iron mines, by the strength of character and profound level of confidence oppression by men may come to subsidence. However this is rarely the natural course of possibilities especially in the condition presented by the film. Since it depicts being in the region where there chiefly exists a mining job or one that is very inappropriate to women, men have essentially lost basic goodness and proper behavior, taking every opportunity to compete and rudely gain advantage over the opposite sex to the extent of stripping women of their liberties to speak of their rights or act in defense. The unresolved severity of discrimination against women even tends to ruin good relations, as in the test upon the friendship between Josey and longtime friend Glory. There truly is a good point in the aim of the ‘North Country’ to teach every woman to find her way to courage and independence in times when no other help is available and the resistance on every side increasingly prevents her to win a just favor which could represent others in similar state of suffering. Nevertheless, such exertion would prove useless without any means to channel the major concern outside of the setting that only bears witness to individuals who have become attached to the system and prefer being silent rather than pursue change for fear of experiencing further harassments and deeds of hostilities. Thus, considering this as one political struggle of many against utter injustice in their hometown, those who are sufficiently strong to go an extra mile could go out of this domain and raise protests outside to be heard by the federal government or concerned groups. This way, no ample amount of energy or individual effort is exhausted since the rest is taken care of by the powerful support to channel in forces able to overcome or break old chains of social abuse toward women. Read More
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