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American Science Fiction: Terminator 2: Judgment Day - Essay Example

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The purpose of this paper was to explore American science fiction in its entirety in hopes of enlightening my readers to the many aspects of SF film. By informing my readers of the elements that construct the dystopian vision and by exploring the various uses of different aspects of mise-en-scene, I believe I have achieved my purpose. …
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American Science Fiction: Terminator 2: Judgment Day
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Download file to see previous pages The only difference at that instance is, although nude, the awareness that he is not a newborn and so falsehood is created somewhat distorting the appearance of utopia. Regardless, this life-like vision may transform the thinking of its viewers into imagining that other human-like forms are possible and can develop in the future. The ball of energy around the Terminator disappears as he stands tall and walks toward a nearby bar called the Corral Open. The screen turns red as his eyes scan his environment in a radar fashion. His naked muscular physic walks into the bar. Customers stop and stare but do not approach him. It is as if this inhuman man is almost normal under the guise of a utopian society except when he confronts a customer to hand over his clothes. The futuristic imagery continues to take form when the customer refuses the Terminator’s demand by pushing a lightened cigar into his chest. This cigar under normal circumstances would have caused pain and damage to a human body but The Terminator is unbothered by this and no damage is caused to his body. His unrealistic physical tolerability to violence dehumanizes him and further supports the film’s futuristic ideations. Constant State of Violence Like futuristic imagery, the constant state of violence also attributes to the construction of the dystopian vision. In American science fiction these constant states of violence conflict with societies view of a normal environment; one of peace and harmony. The states of violence seem to appear rapidly and stay constant supporting the films vision of a fictitious world and giving the illusion of violence as being utopian. From the film’s beginning to end violence is normalized creating a...
American Science Fiction: Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2 is not just a film. There are many elements that construct the film’s dystopian vision. Aspects of mise-en-scene produce visual style that is controlled and manipulated with the use of technology. This use of technology makes the impossible actions of the Terminator and T1000 seem so real that trying to watch a film without it would seem mediocre. The production of SF is an effort to display a life that will never be achievable and to cause fear in those who might have the smallest inkling that it could. T2’s constant state of violence supports this dystopia producing a utopian view of probabilities. SF films embrace political era’s and plays the role of authoritarian to our ways of thinking that no longer become our own. Likewise, the last scene of T2 leaves its viewers with some hope. In the final scene J.C. asks “Is it dead?” The Terminator replies with “Terminated”. Although the film portrayed a disheartening look at the future it shows that all things can be destroyed and, therefore; leaves its viewers with a sense of hope.

In concluding, T2 is not just a film. There are many elements that construct the film’s dystopian vision. Aspects of mise-en-scene produce visual style that is controlled and manipulated with the use of technology. This use of technology makes the impossible actions of the Terminator and T1000 seem so real that trying to watch a film without it would seem mediocre. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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