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History of TV Idents - Dissertation Example

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FILM STUDIES DISSERTATION PAPER History of TV Indents TV idents are the short videos that notify viewers between or in the middle of programs, the television station they are watching. The beautiful idents we have today are a product of over half a century evolution…
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History of TV Idents
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Download file to see previous pages Their first ident was a logo that appeared between programs to identify the service. The logo was a simple black and white figure that consisted of different shapes. This first ident was known as the, “bat’s wings.” The “bat’s wings” was designed by Abram Games. The logo was an array of mechanical contraption perfected using the best talent and technology of the time. The logo had a small globe spinning at the centre. The globe was then surrounded by two eyelike structures spinning around it. The “eyes”, then had lightning flashes on both sides (Wiseman, 2010). Bat’s wings (the first TV ident) The bat’s wing was filmed and not produced live like other later idents. The ident was temperamental and broke down a short moment after its filming. Other TV stations soon adapted the BBC ident style and soon all commercial TV stations in London and all over the UK had their own 2D model idents. As many stations cropped up all over the world, the technology used in creating idents improved giving way for another generation of idents. In the early 60’s the bat’s wings had been faced out of by the BBC TV logo. The logo was a map of Britain divided according to the regions the BBC broadcasted. The map of the UK later necessitated the use of the globe as the BBC spread its wings all over the world into the British Empire and further. The logo amounted to the broadcaster’s emblem and most people associated with it. The logo was a rotating globe of the earth while a specially designed caption reading “BBC TV” would appear later. The rotating globe was accompanied by a speaker announcing, “This is BBC Television”. The first guise of the famous BBC globe appeared in September, 30th 1963. When the BBC started streaming in color in 1969 the first version of the mirror globe was transmitted (Wiseman 2011). The first color ident of the BBC The ident was accompanied with the word colour. Inclusion of the word, “Colour” was meant to remind viewers to buy a new colour TV if they were still getting their transmission in black and white TV. Initially the mirror globe was black with a blue landmasses and logo so that people with black and white televisions could not have their viewing disrupted a lot by a totally colour ident. The mirror comprised of a globe of the world rotating across the landmasses of all continents in the world. Below the landmasses there was a blue line and below it were the words, “BBC 1 COLOUR” in blue. The ident was complex since the word BBC 1 was italicized to appear as “BBC 1” while COLOUR remained normal. The ident was critisised for having a very dark background by colour viewers necessitating the need for a more coloured ident. This led to the revision of the mirror globe in 1974. The ident had a futura bold BBC 1 which was not separated from the upper part of the ident as in the earlier version of the mirror globe. The colour of the ident was also changed to blue and yellow. The landmasses were yellow while the background and the areas representing the oceans were blue. The word, COLOUR was removed (Wiseman, 2011) The mirror globe was then changed in 1981. The new version of the mirror globe had a BBC 1 double stripped. The globe was also changed to green. The background remained blue. The ident was created by the Nexus Orthicon Display Device (NODD). This device worked in such a way that the image was filmed in black and white ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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