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The Cute Meet - Essay Example

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The Cute Meet by (name) Synopsis This script takes a look at the concept of the ‘cute meet’ through the eyes of twenty-somethings who are hooked on technology, coffee, and on that strange phenomenon of spotting someone in the middle of an event, and locking onto them in the beginning of a farce, a romp, or calamity of circumstances that leads to love…
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The Cute Meet
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Download file to see previous pages She is working on her laptop. She glances up and their eyes meet. Romeo (Dramatically) What beauty is this? Ophelia (Mouths the word ‘hi’) Romeo (His fingertips touch the glass) (he continues talking dramatically and exaggerated, even though he is serious) In my life, I have never seen a beauty such as this. I don’t know what to do: whether to go in, or to stay here on this sidewalk. It is like a dream to see such a vision as this. But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the East and Juliet is the sun – INTERCUT BETWEEN INT. AND EXT. Ophelia (Grimaces, looks at camera) My name is Ophelia Romeo (Not hearing her, but thinks he reads her lips) Yes! Yes! I do feel you, I feel every breath you take, every move you make. My heart beats with the rhythm of your soul! My body – It begins to rain, a big dropped, emotional rain like one would see in any other romantic comedy. Romeo stops for a few minutes then a look of anger and horror crosses over his face. He looks down to his tablet as it begins to flash and fizzle out. Romeo Unfreaking believable! Romeo throws the tablet and begins to pump his fist at it in big exaggerated circles. No way! No way! INT: COFFEE SHOP - DAY Ophelia watches through the window, her eyes are wide and she appears to be shocked and confused as she sees Romeo act out and throw his tablet. She lowers her eyes to her laptop and ignores him. We see her writing on her laptop as she composes an e-mail. OPHELIA VOICOVER (Typing) Ok, he is too violent for me. Thought that one was a keeper too. He was really cute and we did this whole eye lock thing. It was like in a movie or something, but no way. No way will I be with some guy who loses his temper over a little rain! You remember the last guy I met and when the rain started? Yeah, that was done right, all Hollywood. His eyes met mine and I was hooked. He stood there for about five minutes just looking at me! Too bad he couldn’t seem to come in out of the rain. Yeah. LoL. Men are just strange. Ophelia (Her phone rings and she laughs and answers the phone) You never could stand typing. Didn’t I teach you how to short hand it? Uh huh. Uh huh. I know, you would think it would be easy. INTERCUT PHONE CONVERSATION INT: BEDROOM - DAY GASTON, a twenty-something male with traits that suggest he is gay, talks to Ophelia on the phone. Gaston Well maybe you are just too picky. Maybe that boy had something really important on that tablet? You do know, maybe he was in the middle of curing cancer! Ophelia I hardly think so. No one who is going to cure cancer takes the time to shop at Hugo Boss. Besides, if he is curing cancer he isn’t going to have any time for me, now is he. Gaston You just keep thinking that way and you are going to have less and less of these things happening, Miss Cynical. Ophelia Oh no, I am destined to live the dream. Uh huh. Uh huh. No, it is going to happen just like you see in the movies. I promise. Why don’t you come to the coffee shop so we can lose the tech? Gaston walks in through the door and hangs up his phone, sitting down next to Ophelia and pulling out an e-reader. Gaston (His eyes on the reader) Good thing you finally got around to that invite, I was tired of holding on to that thing. I gotsta get me a smaller phone! Ophelia (not raising her eyes but ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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