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Canadian Cinema - Essay Example

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The aim of this thesis is to investigate, compare and contrast two Canadian film makers namely Atom Egoyan and David Cronenberg. Therefore, we will identify any differences and similarities arising between this two film makers…
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Canadian Cinema
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Download file to see previous pages Mostly, his films follow a non-linear plot structure meaning that events are placed in a sequence manner to bring out emotional reactions from the audience by withholding key information. Most of his films end with opretic emotional and are mostly rooted in the romantic search through intimacy. David’s style in filmmaking involves exploring people’s fears of body transformation and infection. He tries to combine psychology with physical. From the viewer’s point of view, of of Egoyan’s work has been highly influenced by cronenberg’s sense of remoteness from emotions in his style and narrative. Line of specialization Atom Egoyan is one of internationally recognized figure is known as a stage director and a film maker. On the other hand, David Cronenberg is a known as an actor, film maker and screenwriter. The only similarity between these two Cinema Icons is that they are both filmmakers. Career and commercial success Egoyans career can be classified as pre and post Exotica. Prior to Exotica, the first major release in America, Egoyan was only recognized in Canada for his ultra-low budget films which the government subsidized partially. Such films include Next of Kin (1984), Speaking Parts (1989) and Family Viewing. Exotica, was first produced in the year 1994. The release of Exotica in 1994 made him gain local and international recognition as it marked a transition point in his artistic work. In 1997, he made another film that gave rise to international recognition called The Sweet Hereafter based on an American Novel by Russell Banks. The film made him the winner of 8 GENIE Awards in Canada.
In 1998, he was nominated for two awards at the Hollywood academy awards after the release of the sweet hereafter
In 1998, he was nominated for two awards at the Hollywood academy awards after the release of the sweet hereafter Awards David Cronenberg has several awards. In 2004, he was named 2nd best director in the history of genre by the science Fiction magazine, strange Horizons. In the same year, he was listed 9th among world’s best 40 directors by the guardian. In the year 2007, he was named 17th greatest director by the Total Film. Aton Egoyan has won four awards at the cannes Film and Toronto International festivals. In april 2012, he received TARA Awards. History of studio D It was created as a branch of the National film board to make films and documentaries for and about women in Canada. This happened in 1974 when Kathleen Shannon gave this idea as a recommendation to the Canadian parliament. Kathleen had joined NFB in 1956 and was among the more influential persons who fought for the improvement of the status of women in the board. Initially women occupied a minority role at the NFB and were give duties as support stuff instead of key roles such as film directing and production. In that year 1974 with the anticipation of the a world’s women day she presented the idea of creating a new studio that would be dedicate to women and their contribution in the film making, to the board. This created a motivating factor for the women working at the NFB to demand for changes and pressurize the government and the public sector to reconsider and improve on the position of women in these institutions. Shannon was then appointed as the pioneer executive producer of the studio d. Some of the things that set studio D films aside from other NFB films Iconic women documentaries production films created by NFB since it was dedicated to development of films ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Canadian Cinema" is quite often seen among the tasks in high school. Still, this essay opens a brand new perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the idea for my own text.


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