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Visual Anaylsis - Essay Example

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VISUAL ANALYSIS Name: Institution: Introduction Any form of analysis, for instance literature, research and report analyses, utilize certain aspects as their fundamental bases in the analyses. Generally, analyses in the above listed sectors are done using image or image or image-text analyses…
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Visual Anaylsis
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Download file to see previous pages During these processes, they ensure that their work has the necessary visual appeal and is effective rhetorically. This paper will lucidly analyze the provided two photos, in A and B, and come up with the author’s intended message. Part A In the photo, is a woman dressed elegantly in a white robe, a necklace, and golden bangles. She has a white cloth with golden spots all over it. On the right hand-side of the beautiful woman is a pot of fish. There is a black cat trying to het some fish out of the pot. The cat has white spots at the mouth regions. It uses its right forward limb in the attempt to extract fish from the pot. The pot has translucent feature exposing the fish inside to the viewers. The woman is gazing directly at the viewers, an implication that the camera angle was a large one allowing for the direct and non-oblique photography (Plett, 2004 p 88). According to her dressing code, jewelries, and posture, it is arguably true that the woman has sexy or romantic look. On the other hand, she portrays some innocence in her face. Moreover, the color of her dressing suggests another aspect of love. She has a golden shiny and attractive dress. Romance, in works of arts, is always considered or depicted through the wearing or putting on of attractive and colorful dressings such as orange, yellow, and golden, like in this case. Attraction in the clothing is boosted by the attractive look on the woman’s face. The direct gaze of the woman also suggests the act or the attribute of courageousness. The framing of the photograph allowed for the full exposure of the woman’s face, while hiding other parts, especially the legs. Most people consider facial expression and outlook before being driven by sexual desires towards the opposite genders (Redding, 1987 p29). It is, therefore, conclusive that the woman has a sexually attractive face that is suggestive to the opposite sex. The author of this photo has also portrayed his excellence in the application of colors to communicate his messages to the people. To begin with, the background color in the photo is a mixture of red and black. Red is the most distributed in the photo. However, its visibility is hindered by the black color that submerged it. Red color, as stated earlier, has a symbolic meaning of love and romance (Needman, 1999 p 98). The idea of black or dark color covering it implies that the virtues of love in a given society are seriously interfered with. The fish in the pot have light red colors depicting another meaning in the photo. Red color, in artistry has two major symbolic meanings. First, it represents love as thematic concern of the photo author. Secondly, it is a color of blood, normally portraying danger, as a theme in literature. In this case, the fish in the pot are faced with the danger of death approaching them as the cat struggles to get its meal out of their bodies. The cat has a black color. Black, in works of art, depicts the theme of uncertainty and unacceptable immoral behaviors in the society. Finally, the author has also used white color; the cat’s mouth has white coloration. Coloration, in works of arts, not only gives photos attractive and visible looks, they also enhance or facilitate the author’s thematic messages to the people. In this case, bright golden color serves the purpose of enhancing the theme of love or romance in the author’s society. The submerged red color does the same. Black color ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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