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Fine art in the age of mass media - Essay Example

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Introduction The identity which one takes as an artist begins to affect not only the artwork but also the perception of the audience. The result is a change in the artwork to be a part of the propaganda that is associated with the artist. The concept of artists gaining fame and reputation as a celebrity is one which continues to be debated, specifically because of the changes it creates with both the artwork and the perceptions of the artist in different showings…
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Fine art in the age of mass media
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Download file to see previous pages Instead of using the necessary creativity and innovation which is often attributed to beginning artists, the work of Hirst has begun to work with the celebrity status expectations that are a part of the artwork. Biography of Hirst Hirst was born in 1965 in Bristol, England where he began to study art. His first exhibition was in 1988 while studying at Goldsmith College. The student exhibition, known as Freeze, led to immediate recognition and still remains in an exhibition in London. The concept was associated with contemporary artists forming a group to show the main ideologies of what it meant to be a part of the modernist styles of visual arts. His first solo exhibition was held in 1990 and 1991 at Woodstock Street Gallery, called In and Out of Love. This led to different groundbreaking feature showings, such as the 1992 Young British Artists exhibition at Saatchi Gallery. This exhibition led Hirst into fame with gaining the Tate Gallery Turner Prize as well as the coveted award in 1995. The recognition has now allowed Hirst to move into international recognition with showings in Soho New York as well as in locations such as Hong Kong, Rome, Athens, Geneva, Paris and Los Angeles. He is known for spot and spin paintings as well as medicine cabinet sculptures and glass tank installations (Hirst, 2011). The instant recognition of Hirst and the movement into specific types of paintings has also led into areas of fame which continue to push Hirst forward with his known works. He has been featured not only in a variety of galleries but is also continuously being noted in the press for his innovations and new works. Some leading areas of recognition include his interview with Charlie Rose, features in the New York Times and recognition by established artists in various network communities. The recognition is also continuing to extend with the press releases and different statements being based on Hirst being one of the most recognized contemporary artists, specifically because of the conceptualism and the developments which are associated with his different pieces of art. The concepts which are often affirmed to Hirst are his innovation, unique approaches and the realism that is in the artwork created. Each of these are continuing to gather him press and recognition among contemporaries that are based in different locations globally (Jones, 2011). Today, Hirst is one of the most recognized and controversial artists of Britain. The question being raised is not only based on the fame and recognition that continues to steer the career of the artist and the works which he continues to create. The techniques, implication of craft and the development of works by Hirst are also raising questions about where art begins and ends. Many contemporary critics are stating that the works of Hirst are only for popularity and recognition in the name while lacking the intricate qualities of modern art and developments which are required. This is combined with the questions of whether it is art or only for popularity, specifically because of the continuous similarities in themes and the lack of innovation which most believe is a part of the work. Hirst is continuing to be controversial because of republishing the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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