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Tourism can Contribute Positively to Poverty Reduction - Research Paper Example

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 This paper goes into the causal factors responsible for bringing about positive as well as negative impacts in the lives of the local poor. The paper elaborates on some essential elements of tourism to make tourism a more effective tool for poverty reduction…
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Tourism can Contribute Positively to Poverty Reduction
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Extract of sample "Tourism can Contribute Positively to Poverty Reduction"

Download file to see previous pages Tourism by the virtue of its size and outreach is a major catalyst for globalization in terms of intensified economic, social and cultural relations across borders. However, there are numerous challenges to the effective use of tourism as a tool for poverty reduction. 
Tourism and poverty is a relationship between the opposites. At one end of the spectrum, there are people enjoying leisure pursuits and spending income on recreational activities and on the other people in misery suffering from limited socio-economic means to lead a dignified life. Any possible relationship between the two seems unlikely. But there is a clear relationship between the two as tourism impacts upon poverty in so many ways, directly and indirectly. It offers labor-intensive and small-scale opportunities, unlike non-agricultural activities (Deloitte, 1999), with high employment opportunities to women, and helps in value addition to natural and cultural resources which in essence are core assets of the poor.
Yunis (2004), Chief of Sustainable Development at the World Tourism Organization at a World Bank conference in Brussels in May 2004 argued for tourism as a major player in the development of people in poorer countries. Tourism is growing faster in developing countries than in developed countries and there is evidence that proves tourism to be a successful tool in reducing poverty (Yunis, 2004, WTO, 2002; Ashley et al, 2001). Yunis (20004) points out that tourism may not address poverty automatically. Nevertheless, there are some experts who have expressed their skepticism of positive externalities and subsequent benefits of tourism on poverty.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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