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Australia - Term Paper Example

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From unique cultural diversity that includes the famous Handa Opera on Sydney harbor to natural attractive sites such as The…
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Extract of sample "Australia"

Tourism within Australia Australia is a land richly endowed with a good climate and beautiful sceneries that many tourists, both local and international, do find attractive. From unique cultural diversity that includes the famous Handa Opera on Sydney harbor to natural attractive sites such as The Grampians National Park, Australia has always been a tourist destination for many. This paper explores some of the attractive sites as well as the climate within this region in attempt to explain why it is a place every tourist must visit at some point.
Most of the land within Australia is under desert, however, South East and South West regions of Australia have temperate climate. Due to its location, the country experiences mild winter, making the winter and summer temperatures to be almost the same (Oliver, 2005). This kind of weather is what most people find enjoyable, as the cool ocean breeze that do sweep across the land compliments it. Nevertheless, there are quite a number of beautiful landscapes such as the grassland of Queensland and mountain ranges located near Proserpine.

Fig. 1.1. Queensland grassland
Sydney is also famous for the Handa Opera, a masterful monumental practice held during summer that is unique to this part of the world only. The opera is a combination of various activities that include fine dining and champagne, with a stunning view of sunset from the harbor and lots of entertainment under the beautiful night sky (“Handa Opera,” 2015). The fete is characterized by a fantastic music projection through concealed speakers with the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra sheltered below the stage.

Fig. 1.2 Handa opera in pictures
The country has a good number of beautiful sites that any visitor should strive to visit. A good example is the Grampians National Park. Located within Victoria at the official end of the Great Ocean Road, the park is home to marvelous indigenous rock art and angled sandstone ridges. The Fraser Island is another place that one should never fail to visit when in Australia. Being the largest island in the world, Fraser Island is gifted with lovely beaches, unique flora and fauna that are dominant in the surrounding rainforests, among others (“Work and travel Australia,” (2015).

Fig. 1.3 shows a section of Grampians Park (L) and Fraser Island (R).
This country is definitely a favorite tourism destination that is worth marking in a travel diary. From the elegant Handa Opera to the beautiful sandy beaches of Fraser Island, Australia has more to offer that an individual will find irresistible.
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Australia Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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