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Hospitality Company - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Hospitality Company" describes American Airlines is one of the leading airline companies in the country. The country that prides in the delivery of high-quality services seeks to become the market leader. I found the company's phone number, from its website and called the customer care desk with the view…
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Hospitality Company
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Extract of sample "Hospitality Company"

Hospitality Company Introduction American Airlines is one of the leading airline companies in the country. The country that prides in the delivery of high quality services seeks to become the market leader. I found the company’s phone number, 1-800-433-6355, from its website and called the customer care desk with the view to finding the company’s vision.
The phone rang for less than three second before a crisp clear and audible female voice answered. She sounded courteous and eager to attend to the caller. The quality of the connection reflected the company’s vision and so did the service the woman on the other side of the line. The woman began by saluting me. She sounded calm and humorous. She introduced herself as Mercy and asked how she could assist me. I asked for the company’s vision. She giggled for a while before she began explaining the company’s vision to me. She said that their company aspired to become the market leader by providing satisfactory services to its customers and using professionalism to move the company forward. She explained all these in low yet audible tone thereby hiding either strain or disappointment at my question. She made her explanation clear and asked if I had any further questions. realizing that I had none, she cheerfully wished me a good day before she gave me an opportunity to end the call.
American Airlines is a hospitality company and the woman who responded to my call portrayed her understanding of that. She was hospitable and patient. She sounded composed and in deed professional. While Mercy’s explanation of the company’s vision was mundane, it captured the company’s values and vision and outlined on the company’s website. The company’s values include customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this, the company promises to offer a wide array of services and tailor others whenever possible in order to enhance customer satisfaction. The company takes customer’s suggestions seriously and has a functional customer service department to deal with the complaints and suggestions from the customers. This way, it interacts with its customers thereby ensuring that it keeps abreast with the prevailing trends in the market thereby beating its competition.
My call portrayed the seriousness with which the company responds to every call. As stated earlier, the line did not keep me waiting. The phone rang for about three seconds before the attendant respondent. Given the large number of customers the company serves on a daily basis, it was right to assume that the company has an efficient customer service. The woman observed all the etiquette beginning with a salutation and according the time to speak to her. As irrelevant as my call could have sounded, she did not express any disgust. Instead, she responded and tried to explain the company’s vision the best way she could. She did not refer to any literature yet her explanation represented all the vital points in the company’s vision as presented on the website and other marketing literature materials. The attendant did not rush me at any time. Instead, she answered my questions and proceeded to ask if I had any other. This proved the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Read More
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