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Apply the four Ps /Cs to at least four products/services in Thailand - Assignment Example

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There are very many places that one can visit depending on what they want to see and the kind of experience they want to have. The Ko Tarutao marine park is one of the attractive sites in Thailand. There are 51 island…
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Apply the four Ps /Cs to at least four products/services in Thailand
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Extract of sample "Apply the four Ps /Cs to at least four products/services in Thailand"

affiliation Thailand and tourism Thailand is among the leading tourist destinations in Asia. There are very many places that one can visit depending on what they want to see and the kind of experience they want to have. The Ko Tarutao marine park is one of the attractive sites in Thailand. There are 51 island all in one park and there are many sea creatures that tourist get to see. Many products are sold in the place, such as the cultural products and items (Reed, 2011).
The site is under continuous developments to fit the needs of the visitors. There are many hotels that have been built so that customers are comfortable. The prices are adjusted depending on the season and the number of visitors at one particular time. The marine management has a global advertising team that ensures that potential tourists are aware of the site. They have a website that gives an insight on the tourist site. The site is well located and the environment is conducive for visitors who would want a sea experience.
The price charged for a visit is the site is quite favorable. The ambience of the area is eye catching and the manner in which the place is maintained is worth the price charged. Interviews performed on customers who have been to the place prove that most customers are okay with the price. The management of the site values advertising and promotion. They offer leaflets covering information on the site to all visitors and also offer information abut he site online. Their website is one of their strongest promotion techniques. They have also advertised themselves on the media to ensure that potential customers have information on the site (Sethapun, 2000).
Reed, J. (2011). Destination: THAILAND. Ebony, 66, 124–125.
Sethapun, T. (2000). Marine National Park in Thailand. In Thailand Department of National Parks.
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(Apply the Four Ps /Cs to at Least Four products/Services in Thailand Assignment)
Apply the Four Ps /Cs to at Least Four products/Services in Thailand Assignment.
“Apply the Four Ps /Cs to at Least Four products/Services in Thailand Assignment”, n.d.
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