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Wine studies - Research Paper Example

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Majority of the wine currently available in markets comes from grapes grown in different regions of the world. The process begins with the…
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Wine studies
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Extract of sample "Wine studies"

WINE STUDIES The wine-making process refers to a length process from production of grapes to the bottling of processed wine, ready for consumption. Majority of the wine currently available in markets comes from grapes grown in different regions of the world. The process begins with the harvesting and subsequent fermentation of the grapes, which might involve addition of yeast or natural fermentation of the grapes. The process can be performed with the skins on the grapes, for red wine, or without skin, for white wine (Robinson, 2006). Secondary fermentation is undertaken, through bacterial fermentation to convert malic to lactic acid, consequently decreasing the acidity and softening the taste. Aromas are imparted through transferring wines into oak barrels for maturing process. Australia ranks among the top ten wine exporting and producing countries globally.
The Hunter Valley remains one of the globally recognised wine producing regions in Australia. The Hunter Valley Semillon remains the globally recognised iconic wine from the region. The Hunter Valley region remains extensively covered by vineyards for producing wine grapes utilised in processing of wine. The region is naturally flat and irrigated by the Hunter River and its tributaries, which flow through the region. The Hunter Valley wine industry is significantly boosted by the proximity to Sydney, which provides market form the produced wines (Schamel & Anderson, 2003). Trading links between the valley and the city have existed since the nineteenth century. The streaming number of individuals from the city into the valley continues to drive the Hunter Valley economy through the wine and tourism industries.
The Hunter Valley has been the largest wine producing region in the entire Australia. The region has utilised this global recognition in marketing itself as tourist destination to many tourists visiting the country. The proximity to the city of Sydney further provides essential support to the tourism and wine industry within the valley. The region consists of beautiful scenery, adorned by hectares of large vineyards producing wine grapes. The globally acclaimed wineries and vineyards within the valley remain the fundamental features, which tourists anticipate to see. The Hunter Valley continues to gain international acclamation with increased growth in the wine production industry. The region has been extensively marketed as a perfect destination for an extremely unique tourism element – wine tourism.
Wine tourism involves the process where individuals visiting the valley get the opportunity to understand various wine production processes. Wine tourism involves trips to the vineyards, where tourists can see the wonderful Hunter Valley vineyards, where grapes are grown. Tourists are also accorded an opportunity to visit the wineries to and experience the wine production process, while getting an opportunity to learn about the processes involved (Brown & Getz, 2005). The increased numbers of visitors have continuously popularised wine tourism within the Hunter Valley region. The environment within the valley forms a perfect climate for nature walks, which form a basic part in relaxing the human mind. Tourists visiting the valley get an opportunity to taste fresh wine before full maturity. The popularity of wines produced within the valley makes the region a perfect destination for wine lovers.
Brown, G., & Getz, D. (2005). Linking wine preferences to the choice of wine tourism destinations. Journal of Travel Research, 43(3), 266–276.
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Schamel, G., & Anderson, K. (2003). Wine quality and varietal, regional and winery reputations: hedonic prices for Australia and New Zealand. Economic Record, 79(246), 357–369.
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