Affect Of Global Recession on Hospitality and Quality Management in 4 Star Hotels in Eastbourne, London - Dissertation Example

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The basic motive of this project is to give an offer for the dissertation. Here you can find the overall aim of the dissertation. The aim of this dissertation is to explore how 4 star hotels in Eastbourne have strategically responded to the global financial downturn…
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Affect Of Global Recession on Hospitality and Quality Management in 4 Star Hotels in Eastbourne, London
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"Affect Of Global Recession on Hospitality and Quality Management in 4 Star Hotels in Eastbourne, London"

Download file to see previous pages The hotel industry is one of the highest income generators in London due to the booming tourism that is experienced in London and its environs. This has been going on for decades, and not just in London, but also in various cities around the world. Travelling has become a common occurrence in people’s lives for purposes of business, leisure, academic commitments and visiting friends and close associates. With tourism comes hospitality, hence, the high proportion of tourists who every year flock into London has necessitated the establishment of hotels and other forms of accommodation for the tourism.
The hospitality sector has for decades grown, and currently it is one of the highest earners in the United Kingdom. As a result of this, global trends also affect tourism in the UK, which would further have an impact on the hospitality and hospitality management in London. The global recession affected the circulation of money around the globe, and since tourists visiting London are derived from UK and various parts of the world, it is evident that tourism was affected. With global recession came an increased standard of living among people. These changes ensured that numbers visiting London were not the same as those that initially visited the city. As a result of all these factors, hospitality and quality management in hotels was markedly affected since hotels were operating under new financial factors and new visitors. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Affect Of Global Recession on Hospitality and Quality Management in 4 Dissertation.
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