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Britton - Essay Example

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Name Institution Affiliation Date This essay will mainly focus on the theory of Stephen Britton on tourism and the development undergoing in the underdeveloped countries. The paper will also analyze the meaning of dependency in developing countries and what is meant by the term underdevelopment…
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Extract of sample "Britton"

Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, developed countries are defined as ‘technologically and ecologically advanced, enjoy relatively high standards of living and have modern social and political institutions and structures’ (Huybers, 2007, p. 28). Britton expresses his own view on underdeveloped countries by quoting ‘third word countries are seen to suffer from a series of common structural distortions in their economic and social organization. Britton makes emphasizes that third world countries are characterized by forms of dependent development. Britton claims that dependency is conceptualized as the process of historical conditioning that alters the internal functioning of social and economic sub-system within an underdeveloped country. He further outlines that foreign parties have a legacy of political, ideological and economic transformation in the third world countries (Britton, 1982, p. 333). He elaborates that dependency entails the subordination of the national economic independence, which has to meet the requirements of foreign individuals and upper class society as a substitute of political priorities. According to his analysis, Britton believes that structural alterations include lack of fundamental infrastructure like air space, roads and proper knowledge of the tourism industry are the main cause of the underdevelopment. Telfer and Sharpley also attributes this underdevelopment to gender issues like lack of human safety, rights and security (Sharpley & Telfer, 2008, p.4). Britton through his journal draws the fact that colonialism is a major key in how much development takes place in a certain country. Colonization is defined as the invasion and control of other people’s resources and land. During colonization, the original population is kicked out of large plots of land and settlers from another country occupying their land (Mowforth & Munt, 2003, p. 73). Britton also argues that, colonial and imperial domination has largely contributed to the downfall of many underdeveloped countries especially during the post-colonial period. Many post-colonized countries have close ties with the government of the countries that colonized them. However, according to Britton, this benefits the underdeveloped countries and offers them a chance to flourish due to these benefits since members of the ruling class bear the power required in dealing with the foreign government representatives and officials of the industry itself. According to Britton, many underdeveloped nations use tourism in generating foreign exchange as well as increasing employment opportunities that attract development capital. Therefore, these underdeveloped countries mainly target tourists from these developed countries since they are seen as higher valued in terms of tourism (Kunkel, 2008, p. 37). In order for the underdeveloped nations, to develop a strong tourist economy they have to be rely on the developed nations since capital from foreign tourism is necessary and beneficial to any developing nation. Therefore, post-colonial countries always seek overseas investments in order to aid them in developing tourism plans. Due to this, many underdeveloped nations have developed business ties with developed countries that are their major tourists since they largely assist them in raising revenue (Lea, 1988, p. 27). Additionally, Briton states the fact that third world countries do not have a choice but to accept the high degree ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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