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Research Inquiry for Managers - Essay Example

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Research Inquiry for Managers Name: XXXXXXXXX Professor: XXXXXXXX Institution: XXXXXXXX Course: XXXXXXXX Date: XXXXXXX Introduction Around the end of the 20th century, the commonwealth ensured that the advertisement of all forms of advertisements for tobacco substances by the media went at a halt in Australia…
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Research Inquiry for Managers
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Download file to see previous pages The commonwealth should apply the same rules to alcoholic substances as they have become an issue of interest in the 21st century and this should be done alongside all support groups for effective games condition and proper tourism standards. The sponsorship directly affected the sports as the players received favors from the companies after competitions and this was through their products. Literature Review Introduction Former and current information on the issues states that Australia banned the advertisement of these substances during games for various reasons and since then there have been noticed developments in the field. First Issue One of the reasons as to doing this is that it was an encouraging factor to the abuse of tobacco. This not only stated for the players but also for the friends and closely related people to them. The implications of these advertisements were that the players could smoke tobacco substances such as cigarettes that would cloud their judgments during a game (Beyer, 2003, 57). Second Issue On the case of the fans and spectators, the advertisements were also a motivating factor. In this case, the issue was much further than speculated. This is because the fans could make their way into the stadium with the cigarettes and other tobacco substances and start using them without problem. ...
Third Issue There was an increase in concern from the wives and husbands of the players. This they claimed is because the tobacco made them unhealthy and to some of the athletes, it had got to the extent of an addiction. This often kept the players in loggerheads with their spouses as they went through their activities. This issue was a very important one to observe and keep in mind. This is because of the standing theory that states that for a player to portray optimal performance in the field, concentration must be one hundred percent or rather distractions to a minimum. This could have been hard to uphold if the players were having family issues. It was very important to understand that the economic position was critical in the area. This is because as much as there was many accrued benefits from the funding, the players and participants did not actually benefit in any way. This was because it was very hard to focus on the games while thinking about the advantages later. The companies actually benefited in a large manner, this boosted their economic situations, and thus they were able to survive the various market issues witnessed. However, after the ban, it was very difficult for the companies to get back to their original conditions. It is very imperative to keep in mind that another issue that came up around that time was the high amount of social unstableness witnessed at the time. This was witnessed from the fact that many of the people and the participants in the game became used to taking the tobacco products. It is due to this that the players characteristically became addicts and kept on with the habit to a point where it became an abuse. The abuse of the products made them reluctant as they made major decisions in a careless ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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