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Distribution and Tour Operators - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Question 1 Spinning of Trip advisor means that it will be a single entity, operating on its own. This seems to bring challenge-full circumstances in the operation activity of Trip advisor. Trip advisor has been used to working under Expedia…
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Distribution and Tour Operators
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Download file to see previous pages The negative reviews give the Trip advisor’s audience a wrong impression. Sometimes when a review occurs for ten times, it becomes hard to trust the site again. Other sites have aggregated reviews from Trip advisor, hence transferring the audience from Trip advisor to them; this becomes a challenge in that Trip advisor has to protect it rights even if it means having diplomatic agreements with this sites. This further takes precious time. The site’s future however looks bright, thanks to the numerous audiences who trust it. Its revenue keeps on increasing; a good and positive indicator of the trust it has acquired. The spinoff will also give this site a space for growth; this will be in terms of increase in operations, and advertising brands. This will be the greatest move since its assets will be unlocked. Question 2 Pay per click, also referred to as cost per click, is a service which operates on the basis of paying a website owner, whenever an advisement is clicked upon. This service is very helpful in advertising of company products, or even services; however, it can sometimes be underestimated as a promotional distribution channel, because of several factors. Since one pays the website owner per click, some competitors may click on rivals’ advertisement for many times; this usually deprives their account, hence instead of making a profit they make a loss. Continuous application of this behavior, neutralize the advertising campaign. There are also those paid to click on someone’s advertisement. This is because they believe such a behavior cannot easily be traced. When these rivals have established and made potential advertisers, to shy away from advertising in pay per click mode. Many opt to pay per view, as done in televisions. With the age of technology nowadays, automated machines can be used to click to advertisements. Hence we can term click fraud as one of the major factor that leads to underrating of the service as a promotional /distribution channel. In fighting click fraud, the major challenge lies in distinguishing genuine clicks from those that are not genuine. Question 3 Kuoni is a Swiss based company. It mainly deals with leisure and the management of destinations. It s move to extend its operation to Finland is due to several factors. Provision of extra services is one major factor; Inland has some extra features that cannot be found in any other Kuoni destinations. Provision of an extra service by Kuoni, means that this business stands out; it’s also a way of increasing revenue. Venturing into Finland also falls, as a representation of Kuoni in venturing into other Scandinavian countries. This is because Finland has features that are depicted in the other countries of Scandinavia. Although Apollo is in Finland, there seems to be a sudden influx of clients, wanting to fully use Kuoni. The demand being high causes the group to keep up with the supply. Venturing into Finland by Kuoni can also be due to the fact that they want to establish new markets. This gives them the chance to meet new customers. This fact will increase the profitability, the business networking, and also establish its presence across this region. Kuoni might also have been motivated by a vision; this created innovation is necessary because it ensures the survival of the group. Diversification of the group may be another reason for Kuoni venturing into Finl ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Distribution and Tour Operators Admission/Application Essay)
Distribution and Tour Operators Admission/Application Essay.
“Distribution and Tour Operators Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.
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