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Patient Safety Indicators Name Institution Date Patient Safety Indicators Introduction Health facilities in the world need to be maintained and equipped with ultimate safety measures to improve the living standards of people. A number of researches have been conducted to establish indicators applicable in providing good care and health standards to human beings…
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Patient Safety Indicators and Accountable Care Organizations
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Download file to see previous pages However, the standards of these services and patient safety vary from country to country. First world countries that have developed economies have better working strategies to increase patient safety, while third world countries and developing economies struggle with their budgets to come to terms with the safety standards. Patient safety indicators Agency for healthcare research and quality came up with patient safety indicators to identify the potentiality of hospitals to offer best patient safety standards. The administration develops indicators that protect the well being of patients in the institution. Institutions itself has an obligation to provide necessary systems for patient safety in areas of infection control (Fitzpatrick, 2006). Errors that are to be avoided include problems in practice, substandard products, mistaken procedures and faulty systems. The development of patient safety indicators will advance the safety plans in any institution as the patient safety indicator identifies instances in which a complication of care happened in a specified period of time in the medical facility. Patient safety indicators are generally developed to increase professionalism and avoid problems that may occur during procedures in treating patients. For instance, machines and equipment are given a check up each and every time before being used in treating a patient. They are also given unaesthetic treatment to avoid the transfer of communicable diseases from patient to patient. Similarly, the products and medicine used are certified by the bureau of standards making sure they are fit to be used by patients. Counterfeit products increase the chances of patients losing their lives and having adverse complications. Training and courses offered to medical practitioners are done from time to time to avoid mistaken procedures on patients or problems in practice. For example, there was a case where two theatre patients were mistakenly taken to wrong theatre rooms. One was to be operated a hind limb and the other a front limb but since they could not talk the doctors ended up working on the wrong parts. The additional education prepares the medical workers acquire enough skills in offering the services. Hospitals have acquired a four-step process in evaluating a medical staff’s patient safety indicator. This determines if the worker is fit to work or given more time to train to certify the requirements. The candidate is first given a literature review examination to establish language understanding and communication. Workers who have good communication skills have a potency of understanding what the patients need and are comfortable with. The second part is evaluating the candidate by clinical panels. The clinical panels have a reasonable amount of time with the candidate to establish his or her medical understanding and how to help patents when need arises. The candidate is then given a review by experts and professionals in the medical sector. The candidate is tested on the professional tips of the sector and the steps to follow in case a patient has certain complications. Finally, the candidate is given an empirical analysis for completion of the test. The candidate is expected to have a reputable score so as to pass the patient safety indicator. The extensive empirical evaluation and administrative data based algorithms have increased the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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