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Kosovo - Essay Example

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Kosovo Subject: Professor: March 30, 2013 Table of Contents 1. Definition of Visual Design 5 2. The importance of visual design and their effects in nation branding 6 3. The successes and failures of visual identities 6 4. Visual identity - Kosovo 11 5…
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Extract of sample "Kosovo"

Download file to see previous pages Thorough investigations will be carried out to find the technical process that goes behind in making these visual designs. The investigation also explores the successful factors of using visual designs, such as logos and identifying their processes, techniques and development. In contrast the not so effective visual designs will also be investigated, to find out what went wrong in the process and development. For this project it was essential to undertake a motive and start experimenting to what can be done with visual design. Moreover to see the impact of how these techniques change the perception of a country. The chosen country for this experiment is Kosovo. Kosovo proved to be more of a challenge to experiment with as many still view Kosovo as a war torn country. The experiment on designing for Kosovo is an attempt to replicate the development and effort that goes behind branding to engage the audience to a visual design. 1. Definition of Visual Design Visual design is not about what the message is through the word. The design is supposed to show both emotions and visuals. The graphics elements must incorporate visual art skills prior to any graphic elements are applied to a design. Visual art includes works which are primarily visual in nature using anything from traditional media to state of the art logo design. Majority of basic visual design concept include colour, contrast, typography, composition, lie, texture, space and shape. Lines are used to guide the viewer thought a composition also the use of type in a visual design can add visual interest. A logo is a name or trademark of a company. Logos are used by companies o represent a concise image of the company. Our eyes are drawn to visual objects; people generally find it easier to remember a simple image over works alone. A logo is also graphical mark that’s used to identify an organization, company, production or brand even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. A logo can either be purely graphic as a symbol/Icon or it can be composed of the name of the company/brand etc. 2. The importance of visual design and their effects in nation branding Visual design symbolizes the establishment and provides a quality image, representing one of the missed elements needed the nations’ nation branding factors. Either the country doesn’t have one or it isn’t good enough. The research conducted will provide some in depth details of the process that is done in the background on how to make a logo that can help Kosovo stand out it a fears completion when it comes to branding. There are countries, cities and tourist resorts that are facing increasing competitions to attract tourists, possibly inhabitants and various companies to visit their regions or to promote exports, according to Teemu Moilanen and Seppo Rainisto (2009). Figures compiled by Teemu Moilanen and Seppo Rainisto, show that there are more than 300 cities in the world with over a million inhabitants. Most of the cities want to stand out from the other competing cities, in terms of attracting the tourists to visit the city’s tourist attractions. Indeed there is more to branding a country than visual design. However, the visual design is the first step to promoting the country at its core. 3. The successes and failures of visual identities The destinations that are going to be investigated for this research are four distinct country tourism destinations. The research ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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