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The reporter casts light upon the fact that the world has changed remarkably over the past 25 years. The internet, cell phones, and hybrid cars were only once a dream but now almost anyone can get their hands on any one of these inventions…
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3-D printing and its Opportunities
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Writing Assignment 3-D Printing The world has changed remarkably over the past 25 years. The internet, cell phones, and hybrid cars were only once a dream but now almost anyone can get their hands on anyone of these inventions. Over the next 25 years, our world will change almost certainly beyond recognition. Perhaps the biggest change will come in terms of 3-D printing. The printing press revolutionized the world in the 15th century when it was designed by Gutenberg, but 3-D printing has the power to take printing to a whole new level. Like all new inventions, although they were created with good intentions there will always be some people to use them for evil. One such concern is that people will be conduct crime in an easier manner since they do not need to transport guns, etc.
Early in May 2013 a blueprint on how to print a 3-D plastic gun was posted on the internet and download 100,000 times within the first week (BBC News Technology). This is quite scary when you think about it because it means that potentially hundreds of thousands of people can access the capability to build their own guns. There is already much debate about legalizing gun use in America, but I think that most people would agree that allowing citizens to print their own guns is a recipe for disaster. The printable gun files were posted online by a group known as Defense Distributed, but now the State Department wants these files banned due to export control violations (Greenberg). The first 3-D gun to be fired was also made using an industrial printer, which is far safer than what a simple home printer could produce. There is a chance that people may end up killing themselves because their 3-D gun explodes in their own hands (Trenholm).
Although there are some downsides to the use of 3-D printing, I can see that it will also impact the world for good in the future. Already 3-D printing is saving the lives of many people who have health issues. For example, a persons body can be scanned and then a 3-D printer can make a new hip joint that is a perfect fit for the patient (Fitzsimmons). I think that most people would agree that the use of 3-D printing for this purpose is something to be commended, but there are still some worrying signs. Just like when Rutherford split the atom, someone else came along and used that invention for evil to create a nuclear bomb. This has been a common trend throughout human history where an invention is created for good purposes but then it is misused by someone else in a way that was not originally intended.
In the next 25 years I think that 3-D printing will become more common as the price decreases and people begin to see the benefits of it. In order to prevent people using it for the wrong types of things, laws will be needed to restrict dangerous weapons from being produced on a mass scale. As long as 3-D printing is used to restore limbs, then I dont doubt that it is a really good benefit to society (Bilton).
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3-D Printing and Its Opportunities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 4.
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