Helping the Smart Technology to Get Turnover Growth in the Long Run - Research Paper Example

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This study, Helping the Smart Technology to Get Turnover Growth in the Long Run, outlines that in the past 13 days, we have dealt with the preliminary aspects of this research including research design, population sampling, and general data collection. …
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Helping the Smart Technology to Get Turnover Growth in the Long Run
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Extract of sample "Helping the Smart Technology to Get Turnover Growth in the Long Run"

We are well on track to completing our original business research report.
Purpose of this research
Establish the relationships between good customer service and long term company sustainable growth.
Examine the factors that may contribute to employee resistance as Smart Technologies forges ahead with the plan to conduct trainings.
Asses other challenges that might hinder smooth implementation of this training program.
Tasks completed
In the past 13 days, we have dealt with the preliminary aspects of this research including research design, population sampling and general data collection. The only section remaining is data analysis which will run for roughly a week. Specifically, we have:
Held meetings with company staff, on an individual level, to establish their awareness of qualities of effective customer service.
Identified cases of employee resistance to training; this is because it is a vital process that ensures they are equipped with the latest customer response approaches.
Assessed if customer care forms part of Smart Technologies’ strategic planning; this is the only way to know if the management is on board with this exercise. This was done by going through their draft strategic plan for the period 2012-2015.
Obtained budget approval for employee training.
Received customer testimonies on their experiences at the outlet, and what they need improved to brighten their shopping experience.
Recommendations for customer care improvement at Smart Technologies
There were four major recommendations as outlined below:
Strategic change in customer training from the Human Resource Department (HRD) to marketing department; this establishes employee training as a core function for timely and effective task execution (Hayes, p.11-13). There are also metrics used to gauge its effectiveness for instance, its impact on direct sales.
Establishing employee training oversight team that ensures everyone is brought on board in this exercise, monitors progress reports, and manages training budgets. It also advices top management on areas of improvement.
According to Harmon (p.3) effective training on customer care introduces professionalism to a company. This ensures Smart Technologies develops some uniform standards of communication thus reducing time taken to respond to employee communication. The employees should then be taken through regular checks to bring them up to date with changing technologies.
Use of practical demonstrations in improving ease of learning; this is because they can be given practical approaches on building rapport when handling phone conversations (Noe, p.19).
Problems encountered
The limitation is that when conducting information from employees on their own assessment of customer care competencies of their fellow workmates, only a few of them gave accurate and unbiased information. To overcome this, some information was discarded thus reducing sample size.
It is difficult analyzing secondary sources of data used as it is difficult tying business performance to customer care.
Another limitation in this research is that companies have different internal and external operating environments; the outcome of this research is therefore only applicable to companies having similar products and business model with Smart Technologies.
Work to be completed and their target dates
We intend to have our business research report fully completed by July 1st.
June 16 Data analysis,
June 20-25 compiling all the research components,
June 30 Presentation
A request for approval for continuation of this research
As noted in this preliminary report, assessment of a company’s operational procedures is very essential when preparing long term growth strategies. A thorough completion of this report will be essential in informing decision makers to forge ahead with this proposal by incorporating the specific items including budget planning.

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