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How to Use a Wood Material in Computer Hard Disk Drives - Essay Example

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This paper "How to Use a Wood Material in Computer Hard Disk Drives" discusses the use of wood in the manufacture of a hard disk that is of great importance with respect to the insulation of its inner components. The platters due to their mode of working are very sensitive to heat…
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How to Use a Wood Material in Computer Hard Disk Drives
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Extract of sample "How to Use a Wood Material in Computer Hard Disk Drives"

Download file to see previous pages The report will commence by outlining the main parts of the device, as well as their main functions. Further, the choice of materials for each part of the appliance will be discussed. This will be tackled in two broad areas of the usage of wood currently where the same can be utilized to come up with efficient and effective hard disks. The report will conclude with a highlight of the importance of the use of wood in the manufacture of hard disks and the recommendation for the same.
The hard disk is made up of various components for data storage. Every computer possesses a hard drive; a majority of computer users are not much familiar with the hard disk and its composition. It is the brain of the computer and contains the following parts:

This part of the hard disk is very crucial in the sense that it magnetically reads and writes data to the platters that are in an incredible high-speed motion. This is done in extremely precise positions to achieve its function (Rubtsov, 2009). The heads can be termed as the eyes of the drive and float slightly higher from the platters approximately one micron. It is a sensitive, precise instrument and is generally the most frequent cause of hard drive malfunction (Braun 2009).

The spindle is highly crucial in rotating the platters at a certain speed that is measured in revolutions per minute (RPM). According to The Computer Technology Documentation Project, modern spindles have been modified to move at speeds as high as 4800 and 7200 rotations per minute. This is expected to be higher in the future with innovations to enhance the seek speed: this is the amount of time it takes the hard disk to search for a certain area of data. With growing file sizes and the speed of transfer, like a crucial part of computing, the platter must spin extremely fast (Rubtsov, 2009).

Platters are found at the center of the hard disk to hold all data on the hard disk. A hard disk may have one or more platters depending on the intended capacity.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(How to Use a Wood Material in Computer Hard Disk Drives Essay, n.d.)
How to Use a Wood Material in Computer Hard Disk Drives Essay.
(How to Use a Wood Material in Computer Hard Disk Drives Essay)
How to Use a Wood Material in Computer Hard Disk Drives Essay.
“How to Use a Wood Material in Computer Hard Disk Drives Essay”.
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