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A Six Stage Model of the Innovation Process - Case Study Example

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This paper "A Six Stage Model of the Innovation Process" discusses technology developers and the political establishment so that technology does not produce a political surprise. There has to be an Actor-Network interaction among technologists, its backers, and the political establishment…
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A Six Stage Model of the Innovation Process
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Extract of sample "A Six Stage Model of the Innovation Process"

Download file to see previous pages This paper will focus on the relationship and impact and innovation will have on politics. The backbone of the paper will be the strong opinion of Professor Langdon Winner who teaches at the Department of Science and Technology Studies. He has said that “technical things have political qualities” and this paper will base its study on this. “Langdon Winner is a political theorist who focuses on social and political issues that surround modern technological change.” (Brief Biography). When undertaking a serious study of the topic, so many theories and assumptions also begin to emerge that are related to the topic. They include concepts like SCOT, Actor-Network Theory, determinism, closure, and other related factors. Each of these will be discussed in relation to this issue. This paper will examine empirical examples and theory from the course, critically appraise the above idea conclude and what this means for our understanding of technology and innovation at work.

Innovation: Innovation can be defined as “the process of converting knowledge and ideas into better ways of doing business or into new or improved products and services that are valued by the community. The innovation process incorporates research and development, commercialisation and technology diffusion.” (Glossary: Innovation. 2007). Innovations can take place with regard to products, processes, positions, and paradigms and can either be radical or incremental. The innovation process can be explained by the following diagram.

(Bijker 1997, p.7). It should be understood that technology is now playing an increasing role in innovation as time goes by. Another recent trend is that innovation is now seen as knowledge-based rather than technology-based. The above diagram is a simplified projection since innovation is difficult to predict and model.
Theories and concepts related to the topic: As mentioned earlier, there are several theories and concepts that can be related to this topic.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Six Stage Model of the Innovation Process Case Study.
(A Six Stage Model of the Innovation Process Case Study)
A Six Stage Model of the Innovation Process Case Study.
“A Six Stage Model of the Innovation Process Case Study”.
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