Impact Of Video Games On Young Game Players - Research Paper Example

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This paper "Impact Of Video Games On Young Game Players" deals with the influence of video games on young players. It is stated that video games are not a new phenomenon and these games have remained present in the society for several years…
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Impact Of Video Games On Young Game Players
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"Impact Of Video Games On Young Game Players"

Download file to see previous pages The major percentage of the population that is involved in playing video games is the youth of the society. According to the findings reported by Harvard Medical School, around 87% of the youth of the society who age between 12 years old to 17 years old are involved in some form of video gameplay (Harvard Medical School 1). There is even a difference between the type of games that played by this age category but the most problematic category of video games is violent video games. Harvard states that around64% of those individuals who are involved in video games prefer playing that are severally violent in nature such as the game series that is titled as Grand Theft Auto (Harvard Medical School 1). There is even a difference between the form of video games that are played by the female children and the male children of society. Harvard states that the male children of the society are more likely to indulge in violent video gameplay as compared to the female children population (Harvard Medical School 1). There are even variations in the motivation that drives the youth to indulge in different video games. Harvard states that children are motivated to play these games because they perceive that the games are entertaining, thrilling, help in reducing the feeling of boredom and due to peer pressure (Harvard Medical School 1). Video games are very problematic and are impacting the psychological or emotional health of video game players especially the youth in a very negative manner. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Impact Of Video Games On Young Game Players Research Paper.
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