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The paper "Memo to Users of Mobile Devices and Computers" discusses that the choice of color for photos as well as the background of the report may make any mobile user ignore the report as well as associate it with some useless reports on the internet…
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Memo to Users of Mobile Devices and Computers
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The credibility of Verizon Enterprise Solutions is portrayed by their ability to expound on the specific threats that affect organizations as well as provide numerous reports on security. The technical information provided by the report is solid because it addresses current cybercrime issues as well as provides solutions to the insecurity. I will include some photos of cybercrime acts on the background of the report so as to capture the attention of the users of the mobile devices. Additionally, I will use different graphic designs in writing the sub-headings of the services the Verizon Enterprise Solutions provide. Additionally, I will arrange the services provided in the report in a manner that will attract the attention of mobile device users in different organizations.
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