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How Technologies Have Contributed to the Problem of Prisons - Assignment Example

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The paper "How Technologies Have Contributed to the Problem of Prisons?" describes that prisons have become technological, but with a twist, a similar technology that is being deployed in prisons is the same technology that is increasing crime, so in order to fight prison technology, newer technology is needed…
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How Technologies Have Contributed to the Problem of Prisons
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"How Technologies Have Contributed to the Problem of Prisons"

Download file to see previous pages Prison administrators today are taking inmates monitoring beyond camera surveillance. Some prisons are using a monitoring method called radio frequency identification tracker (RFID) which involves an inmate wearing an electronic bracelet that tracks their every movement within the facility. An alarm goes off when an inmate wearing the RFID enters a prohibited zone (Siegel & Bartollas 129).
Correctional institutes have also put in measurement systems that provide prisoner information movements as well as notify staff of an unusual gathering of people in particular areas. Information of movement is stored in computers, which can be used in investigations. This is one form of information systems used in correctional facilities. They are more advanced tracking systems available like the biometric points of entry which scan’s iris or fingerprints of inmates. However, the cost factor is the main hindrance to the use of biometric technology. One of the downsides of technology, in some cases, is that it isolates dangerous prisoners as a way of protecting prison personnel, as well as other prisoners.
Technology is also altering the health care system within prisons by equipping prison medical facilities with medical remote tools, and cameras that allow inmates to get virtual checkups. A telemedicine program is what is used to carry out virtual checkups whereby doctors use cameras to remotely look into or listen to an inmate’s organs via headphones (Stojkovic et al, 55).
Debates have arisen concerning the use of technology in that technology limits face-to-face contact and dehumanizes prisoners as well as inflicts psychological pain through continuous isolation. Various studies in psychiatric research and correctional standards have shown that individual deprivation of human contact makes extreme isolation conditions exacerbate the prevailing mental illness or even cause mental illness in persons that were perceived health. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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