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The paper 'Superhero in the Cubicle' focuses on technological advancements which discussed include; IBM Lotus Connections by Big Blue, Smartsheet from, Web 2.0 Mashup Server software by Kapow Technology, Near Time and Confluence from Atlassian used by students…
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Superhero in the Cubicle
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Near-Time allows its users to sort out the source of information and create new informal channels. On the other hand, IBM Lotus Connections does not support creating functions and information sorting. These advanced technological tools are practical and beneficial to many workplaces. For my case, these technologies are not very applicable due to the nature of my work. I can therefore easily achieve my work goals without incorporating these technologies.
The answer is no. These advanced communication tools are available in the modern type business environment. However, a majority of businesses do not accept and utilize these tools in their everyday business operation activities. Many businesses could be considering these advanced tools as novel commodities or be afraid of change. Companies may view these collaborative tools as increased costs since the employees might have to spend extra time to master these technologies. They are therefore extra expenses associated with shifting from traditionally business communication. Read More
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(Superhero in the Cubicle Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 273 Words)
Superhero in the Cubicle Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 273 Words.
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