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Business Etiquette - Cubical Space - Research Paper Example

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It defines how a businessperson responds to customers’ demands or request of either goods or service delivery. Regardless of whether the customer is right or wrong, it is always important to respond in a…
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Business Etiquette - Cubical Space
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Download file to see previous pages Knowing how to communicate with decorum will help keep the business as well as grow some leads for the next business. (Columbia University Centre for Career education, 2012).
Ensuring continued premises maintenance: In this kind of business, professional presentation go a long way in expressing how organized a company is and thus winning the customers trust. It will be essential to consider doing office maintenance as a way of setting professional standards for the services we provide. ( Columbia University Centre for Career education, 2012)
Ensuring that tenants understand the tenure contract: Most of the times, tenants take less interest on terms of lease. Many of them do not understand the meaning of terms like triple net lease, load factor, full service e.t.c. It is important for the proprietor to ensure that the tenant understand what they are signing to avoid any conflict when bleach of tenure happens. (Wolfe, 2012).
Keeping to the tenure contact: To develop trust and reliability, it is important for the company to ensure that contracts and agreements are kept strict (Wolfe, 2012). This will go a long way in buying customer’s trust as well as open leads for future business.
As a cubicle space leasing company, it is important to consider professional practices like phone and communication etiquette, premise maintenance, leading tenants to understand the tenure contract and commitment to keep to the tenure contract. All the etiquette concerns should be geared towards establishing business leads and maximum trust in the company’s professionalism.
Columbia University Centre for Career education. (2012). Skills- Business Etiquette. The Trustees of Colimbia University in the City of New York. Retrieved from:
Wolfe, L. (2012). 3 questions to Ask Before Negotiating or Signing a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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