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Effects of Industrial Production on People and Things - Term Paper Example

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The author states that the consideration of the impact of computer expertise on the industrial world needs appreciation for defining characteristics of industrialized technology. The paper tries to analyze the effects of industrial production on people and things. …
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Effects of Industrial Production on People and Things
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Extract of sample "Effects of Industrial Production on People and Things"

Download file to see previous pages The emergence of industrial production has resulted in industrial technology impacting on people’s lives and the environment. It has resulted in vital changes in the organization of a factory. Industrial technology has altered the social and economic arrangement of the contemporary world in different ways. It has distorted in a drastic fashion the setting of work and communication environment and conferred exceptional material prosperity to contemporary societies (Hunziker, 2001, 345). This evolution has resulted in many social effects. Technological advancements and other communal and institutional elements have contributed to all these changes in the contemporary industrial evolution with all features linked to it. Industrial technology has made a mark by its distinctive contribution to the world (Benkler, 2006, 290). Industrial expertise and the computerization of work has brought about changes and replaced handicrafts. Before the surfacing of industrialized systems of manufacture, technical work was performed by individuals. These workshops had few skilled craftsmen in different fields. Artisan skills in the diverse aspects of craftsmanship were learned after some years of apprenticeship and a long duration of handy involvement.
It is apparent that the productivity of the workshop was limited because of the unconducive conditions (Janes, 2004, 276). The radical transformation brought about by industrialism introduced major changes in craftsmanship production. Industrial machinery represents the industrial age as computers signify the new era of technological information. Mechanized production of outputs resulted in a steady and impressive organizational achievement of industrial entrepreneurship. Mass production encouraged mechanized operations and made employees a simple partner in the manufacturing process (Dean, 2001, 456).   ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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