Can Computer Technology Improve the Lives of People in the World - Essay Example

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The writer of this essay states that when it comes to improving the health sector, computer technology can play an immense role in any developing country. To start with, computers, with the aid of the internet, can bring together the knowledge of the entire world to the user…
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Can Computer Technology Improve the Lives of People in the World
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In a developing country, usually the infrastructure is not very strong and people find it difficult to travel from one place to another. This usually creates the urban-rural divide and people in the rural areas are often unable to receive better facilities. With the use of computer technology and the internet, patients in rural areas can consult the doctors in the cities via video conferencing. In some cases, the doctors can even assist in surgeries at rural locations via video conferencing. This video conferencing could also help the doctors in developing countries to connect to doctors in developed countries and seek their advice and support.

In developing countries, the internet becomes a powerful means of communication, especially amongst the youth. It serves to connect the youth together. Through this internet, governments and health agencies can disseminate important information related to health to the young population. This includes information on HIV or several other diseases. This can help in making the people more aware and preventing the spread of these diseases.

Normally, developing countries usually face lots of disasters, either manmade or natural. This includes earthquakes, wars, and other such calamities. There is lots of damage to life and the victims of these disasters are often in need of blood. Computer technology can enable the government or independent organizations to develop a database of blood donors, and in case of an emergency, these people can instantly be contacted. This will definitely help in saving plenty of lives. Read More
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