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The paper "The Fire Protection System Designing" discusses that information on the HVAC system is needed in order to know their location and design the smoke detection system in such a way that it does not sense the flue from the HVAC system as smoke from a fire.   …
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The Fire Protection System Designing
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Information that would be missed if only the plumbing drawings were made available to the fire protection system designer
Providing only the plumbing drawings of a building is insufficient for a fire protection system designer to design a suitable fire protection system for the building. Apart from the plumbing drawings, the fire protection system designer also needs to know the type of piping system in the building and the type of fluids that these pipes convey. They also need to know the Height and the Area of the building that would be protected from fire hazards as this would enable them to determine the capacity of the fire protection system that would be designed for the building. Fire protection system designers also need the drawings of all electrical installations and drawings of the Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system in the building (Edwards, 2000). Information on electrical installations is also needed as this would help to decide on the most suitable place to put the alarm that would be triggered in the event of a fire outbreak. The designer would also need to know the number of floors & basement in the building. He also needs to have information on the staircase, structural members, truss construction, the number & size of openings in the exterior walls and the configuration of the ceilings. The designer also needs to know how the building is used and the purpose the building is used for. Read More
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The Fire Protection System Designing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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