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Modern Farming Techniques - Essay Example

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Agriculture and farming, when taken into account with all their allied activities including husbandry may be described as the process where food, fibre and other products desired for a healthy and wholesome life. This process is carried out through the cultivation of various crops, as well as the rearing of domesticated animals that are termed as poultry, livestock and game…
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Modern Farming Techniques
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"Modern Farming Techniques"

Download file to see previous pages In the course of this essay, we will be discussing the various issues faced in the modern farming techniques implemented for the rearing of poultry and game. (Malcolm et al, 1993)
The increasing use of gene manipulation, better management of soil nutrients, and improved weed control have greatly increased yields per unit area, even as the use of mechanization has decreased labour requirements. The developing world generally produces lower yields, having less of the latest science, capital, and technology base.
While modern agriculture depends heavily on engineering and technology and on the biological and physical sciences, it has been seen that irrigation, drainage, conservation and sanitary engineering, each of which is important in successful farming, are some of the fields requiring the specialized knowledge of agricultural engineers.
Further, agricultural chemistry deals with other vital farming concerns, such as the application of fertilizer, insecticides, and fungicides, soil makeup, analysis of agricultural products, and nutritional needs of farm animals.
Apart from this, the packing, processing, and marketing of agricultural products are closely related activities also influenced by science. Methods of quick-freezing and dehydration have increased the markets for farm products for food preservation in the meat packing industry. While many may argue that this is not the best way of enjoying fresh food, there are those who believe that it is best to evolve with the evolving world when it comes to food requirements. Also, nowadays, with the advent of various kinds of technologies, there is proper air circulation within freezers to keep food fresh for the longest time.

In recent years some aspects of industrial intensive agriculture have been the subject of increasing discussion owing to the widening sphere of influence exerted by large seed and chemical companies, meat packers and food processors. This has been a source of concern both within the farming community and for the general public, leading to increased activity of some people against some farming practices, raising chickens for food being one example. For example, an acre of land growing cereal or vegetables feeds ten times as many people as an acre used for grazing or to grow animal fodder yet 90% of all agricultural land is used for grazing and fodder. Further, through decomposing waste and flatulence livestock are also responsible for 20% of greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, the modern farming techniques used for rearing poultry and game and subsequently processing meat production are responsible for massive environmental degradation. (

This brings us to the issue of the quality of food consumed by various poultry and game species. Further, there is the issue of the diseases that they are often victim to, in event of consuming pesticide filled food or water. In this case, the medicines administered are not of the best quality.

Further, one is confronted with the issue of the kind of feed-stock given to some animals that can cause Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy in cattle. While this has been a cause of concern because of the disastrous effect that intensive agriculture has on the environment, it may be seen that in the US, for example, fertilizer has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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