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Board game P-MOPS Outilne - Essay Example

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Our group decided to invent and produce a game that would be suitable for elementary students.1. Students would be in 5th - 7th grades.B. The main concept would be to teach the students the major subjects covered in US elementary schools.II. First meeting is held…
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Board game P-MOPS Outilne
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"Board game P-MOPS Outilne"

Download file to see previous pages A. Our group decided to invent and produce a game that would be suitable for elementary students.1. Students would be in 5th - 7th grades.B. The main concept would be to teach the students the major subjects covered in US elementary schools.II. First meeting is held.A. We began our meeting by going over the first P-MOPS step.1. The first step was Analyze the Problem.a. We discussed the audience for the game b. We discussed the purpose of the game.c. We discussed our logistical limitations.B. We began to talk about different types of games in order to Generate Possible Solutions.1. We discussed several possibilities.a. A board game seemed most appropriate.b. A computer game was discussed. We came up with the idea to cover several subjects.a. Subjects included science, math, health, social studies, and general knowledge.3. The idea was presented to make the game colorful, interactive, and appealing to the 5th - 7th grade age group.C. We began the process of Evaluating the Possible Solutions.1. Part of our group wanted to make a computer based game.a. Others wanted a board game2. Other members felt that a computer game would be too difficult.a. Some felt it would be too technical.b. We had a conflict over which would be more expensive to produce.3. One member came up with a unique method of scoring for a board game.a. Some felt it was too difficult for the age groupD. We decided that we had discussed the possibilities thoroughly and decided to Choose the Best Solution..

3. We voted and decided to go with a board game.
a. The game would include the subjects of health, math, science, English, and general knowledge.
b. We also decided to use the unique scoring system.
b. The game would involve getting points for answering quiz questions.
E. By consensus, we decided it was time to move on the Implementation Phase.
1. Each team member was designated to carry out a specific task.
a. The tasks included designing the board and game pieces.
b. One member was to research the questions involved to insure that the answers were accurate.
c. I was to contact an Education major and be sure that the questions were appropriate.
F. We set a time and date for our next meeting.
III. Our second meeting was held.
A. At our second meeting, we went over our accomplishments to date.
1. The board and board pieces had been designed.
2. We had a few of the questions written, but not enough for completion.
3. I had contacted the Education major, but was waiting for more questions to be completed.
a. I volunteered to write some of the questions
B. We decided to meet in 3 days to review the questions.
1. One of the members had a previous appointment and could not make it then.
a. We decided to go ahead with the meeting in 3 days without that member.
IV. Final Meeting
A. We held another meeting as planned to finish the Implementation.
1. One member was absent as planned.
B. We had several questions that had been reviewed and the answers verified.
2. There were still some questions which we felt might not be age appropriate.
a. We came to a consensus that we would discard those questions.
C. The prototype board and pieces were complete and looked very professional.
1. The game could be economically mass-produced.
2. It would be enjoyable as well as educational.
a. These satisfied our major criteria.
V. My role as a team member
A. I was in charge of making sure the questions were appropriate for 5ht - 7th graders.
1. I further volunteered to write some questions.
B. I was often also an unofficial mediator within the group trying to get agreement among the members.
VI. Comments
A. We came up with a lot of ideas during the Solution phase of P-MOPS.
1. However, many of the ideas were discarded because we had not Analyzed the Problem sufficiently.
B. We were able to reach agreements by using consensus and voting.
C. Some of the portions of the Implementation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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