The Internet Survey Method: the Most Internal Control Checks - Research Paper Example

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The purpose of this questionnaire is to help both the companies that are using the internet for advertising their products, the advertising companies, the website programmers and most especially you the users of the internet whether you are customers or suppliers of business…
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The Internet Survey Method: the Most Internal Control Checks
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Download file to see previous pages As far as time is concerned the survey (Kinnear, 1996) through the use of the internet can be processed faster than if the survey will be done personally. As a clear example, if you give a survey to prospective clients in the United Kingdom or the Germany or Korea, all you have to do is just join a chat club like yahoo messenger and other chat sights.
You can qualify your search for prospective survey takers (Churchill, 1995) by stating in the chat site that you want to contact someone in the United Kingdom or German or Korea or even other destinations. If you are an American citizen and you are in need of getting the research data of prospective customers in the United Kingdom, Germany or Korea, then the survey researcher (Triola, 1995) or the company contracting the survey researcher will have to pay the very high cost of plane tickets to these target markets. The company will also have to pay the hotel accommodations and the food costs of the researcher or researches. As compared to the personal survey, there is more credibility and neutrality when the survey respondents fill up the survey forms. Since the survey researchers and the survey respondents do not meet personally, then there is a factor of privacy involved. Since the survey respondents are not being rushed during the internet survey as compared to the personal survey transactions where the survey personnel are rushing indirectly the survey respondents’ work through the body languages or stern faces of the survey researchers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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