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Protecting Intellectual Property - Essay Example

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Ideas can be considered intellectual property if they are developed into a specific plan from idea to useful structure. By looking into all aspects of the way in which the idea can be presented in the workplace and protecting that presentation through copyright, patent, design rights, or trademarks (Business Link: Protecting Your Intellectual Property, 2005), the idea then becomes an intellectual property with the owner holding certain exclusive rights depending on the method of protection that is chosen…
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Protecting Intellectual Property
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Protecting Intellectual Property

Download file to see previous pages... whether it is a written manuscript, an invention for the workplace, a design unique to a specific company, or a trademark that will identify exclusively the company that owns it. Each type of property requires a different method of protection. Which method fits which property is the main thrust of this essay plan. Each method will be discussed and will include a model of the intellectual property for which the method is best suited. References will be annotated and presented in Harvard style. The body of the essay will expand on each model, discussing methods of protection and the steps needed to safeguard a specific intellectual property.
A writer has developed a manuscript of 300 pages on how to start an online business. He considers his ideas unique and is convinced there are no published books that utilize his ideas. How can he protect this intellectual property This property calls for a copyright, and there are several ways to get one. The simplest way for those who have concerns about protection, is to mail your manuscript to yourself, and when you receive it, don't open it. File it away. This, however, is not really necessary. Copyright in the UK doesn't require registration. It lasts for 70 years after the death of the creator, and you can mark your work with the international copyright symbol followed by your name and the year of creation (Business Link: Copyright, 2005, p. 3)
Model B
John Smith has created a plan for his invention, a suit with a special lining which allows a steady supply of oxygen to flow into the diver's helmet when he is underwater, negating the need for an oxygen tank. How can he protect his invention For an invention of this type, the patent is the protection that is needed. The paragraph quoted below is a definition of a patent:
A patent is a right granted by a government to an inventor. It gives the inventor the exclusive right, for a limited period, to stop others from making, using or selling the inventor's product without the permission of the inventor." (Monosoff, "Patents Defined," 2005, p. 2)

However, simply having a patent on a product will not guarantee success in the marketplace (Home Business Idea, 2005, p. 2). If there is a plan on paper of how the suit will be made, the printed plan can then be eligible for a copyright. By holding a patent and a copyright, and establishing a registered trade mark for your patented design, all areas are covered.
Model C
A successful information technology company has designed new packaging for all of its programs. They wish to protect this packaging because they don't want other companies to use similar designs that might interfere with their marketing. How do they protect their design ideas Design right is automatic providing the design is original and not commonplace. In addition to automatic protection, your new design on an established product should be registered with the Patent Office. "This will give you the right to make, use or stock any item incorporating your design - and take action against those who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Intellectual property
Digital technology developers make peer-to-peer networks,which enable people to obtain the same works without paying.Acquiring the works with this method is similar to stealing,as per copyright law,hence it is must to reaffirm,and even extend,copyright law to criminalise the use of networkers who copy others’ work.
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Protecting Intellectual Property Rights In Software
Intellectual property right is not a new term for the current developing software industry. The term covers a variety of intangible rights of possession in a technology based asset like that software program. Every intellectual property "right" is itself a personal or corporate asset, a piece of the general possession pie.
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Is English Intellectual Property Law Incapable of Protecting Internet's Growth
Ironically, one of the intellectual creations of Sir Tim Berners-Lee while working at CERN challenged the very grounds upon which the intellectual property law now stands. The creation of World Wide Web gave way to the creation of Internet that not only figuratively but literally changed the way intellectual property can be copied, exploited, commercially used, misrepresented, stolen, misappropriated and infringed.
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Intellectual Property
Copyright, trademark, and patent are the three most recognized forms of intellectual property (Schwabach 55-60). Since the invention of internet, communication between individuals improved through the cyber space. This step improved the mode of doing things, but it created an avenue for people to misuse the intellectual property that led to the introduction and implementation of cyber law to regulate and govern these activities (Kumar 111).
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Intellectual property
At the same time, the Internet opens up many opportunities for the unauthorized use of intellectual property. In particular, intellectual property may be copied for relatively low costs and distributed over several states simultaneously. International intellectual property protection laws have attempted to strike a fair balance between the sharing of information and knowledge and the rights of authors of intellectual property to benefit from their labour and creativity.
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Economic Rationale For Protecting Intellectual Property Rights
Intellectual property law covers designs, scent, geographical figures and mental property(written) which could not be plagiarized or used illegally by anyone else who has the right to use it for at least 20 years under their own name till it becomes worldwide heritage or could be used by everyone else and manufactured since this property could be given to someone else to benefit out of.
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Intellectual Property paper
The new technologies have substantial implications for literally each aspect of traditional IPR practices. The IPR issues in digital environment differ from those in traditional media in many ways. Copying materials from another medium, encapsulating content and software for emulation, or migrating content to new hardware and software, all involve activities which can infringe IPR.
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Protecting Intellectual Property
[Cornish, 1999]. A copyright exists for novel or original material that is the product of the ingenuity and creativity of the producer and this could include products such as films, books, music, sound recordings, etc which generally involve the media and software
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Case Study: Hollywood in India: Protecting Intellectual Property
This paper will focus on ways or method of protecting intellectual property by preventing movie plagiarism. The paper will also analyze the case study “Hollywood in India.” Movie plagiarism is manifested in various forms. The first manifestation is the direct use
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Intellectual Property
Copyright Law patented in the UK from a common law concept; the statute of Anne, and turned out to be legislative with the passing of the Copyright Act of 1988 (Litman, 2001). However, the current right is the Copyright, Designs, and patent Act of
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