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Wireless networking - Essay Example

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Networking is the linking of two or more computing devices together with or without cables for the purpose of sharing data. Networks are built with a mix of computer hardware and computer software. Networking of computers can be accomplished using cables or wires and also without using any wires…
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Wireless networking
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"Wireless networking"

Download file to see previous pages Networking can be of different types like; Local Area Networking (LAN), Wireless Local Area Networking (WLAN), Wide Area Networking (WAN), Metropolitan Area Networking (MAN) etc. LAN and WAN are the popular networking methods. Wireless Local Area Networking (WLAN) is mostly used networking of computers assembled around a small area. It is widely used in home computer networking connections. This paper briefly explains the networking of three computers assembled in a house using Wireless Local Area Networking (WLAN) technology.
A wireless router (Routers are devices which used to join wired or wireless networks) as shown in the figure given below is the centre point of a home networking using WLAN. It contains a network Switch in order to connect the computers which have to be networked.
Wireless routers will have an internal firewall to protect the computers from the hackers or intruders. These wireless routers may have some LED lights in the front in order to indicate different functions, connecting ports at the back and a built in antenna
Wireless access points (WAP) connect the wireless computers to the wired Ethernet. It can be connected to another access point or to the internet. WAP's can accommodate large number of computers. An access point can typically connect up to 255 computers and by establishing connection between different access points, more computers can be networked.
In home networking, wireless access points can be used to extend an existing home network based on a wired broadband router. The access point connects to the broadband router, allowing wireless clients to join the home network without needing to rewire or re-configure the Ethernet connections. WAPs are similar to wireless routers in appearance. In fact Wireless routers contain a wireless access point as part of their overall package. (Mitchell, 2009, p.2)
Wireless Network Adapters

(Mitchell, 2009, p.3)
Wireless adapter is another key element in the wireless networking of home computer systems. It contains a built in radio transmitter and receiver to transmit and receive radio waves generated by the computers. Wireless adapter cards are of different types. Some of them (PCI wireless adapter cards) can be inserted inside the desktop computer, some others may use USB (Universal Serial Bus) adapter cards which can be connected to the USB ports of the computer and a third variety called PC card or PCMCI wireless adapter cards can be used with laptops. Some laptops or notebooks are nowadays manufactures with inbuilt network adapters. It will have setup software which needs to be installed in the computer.

Wireless print server (Mitchell, 2009, p.4)
Wireless print server is another equipment, which is used with WLAN which is used to share one printer for all the computers which are networked. Wireless print server is connected to the printer and the wireless router using network cables. Printer can conveniently placed anywhere within the home if it is networked with the computers
Wireless game adapter is another optional equipment which can be used in the WLAN setup. It can be connected to the wireless router. It will have setup software which needs to be installed in the computer.

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